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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oats up in three days

It is too late to plant oats. Every day after mid April is a loss in yield. Despite what you may hear from people trying to sell you forage oats, late planted oats are usually a failure. 
But, as usual I panicked and planted what ever seed I could find when the swamp that is our farm started to dry.
Yesterday I could have gotten a contract for Teff seed. A buck a pound and they clean it. I do know how to fail at growing Teff.
Anyway... Planted Montezuma oats three days ago and the are out of the ground this morning!


  1. Different worlds again. Oats are frequently seeded in June here and turn out excellent. Plant in April and they will either rot in the ground or freeze off when they do come up. I'm hoping to plant mine next week (if I can get done with the flax). Yesterday I planted my camera :-( I don't think it will germinate.


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