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Friday, May 9, 2014

Ducks and ducting but no duck tape or duct tape and no one yells, "Duct" and is a little duct called a "ductling?"

My wife splurged on a new exhaust fan for the stove. She got on some sort of closeout special. It has touch controls and a remote control. Pretty fancy.
It also has a pretty big fan in it and a really bright light.
I was given the task of connecting the fan.
Since the stove was moved over a foot or so, it meant that the exhaust fan ducting needed to be changed. I do have some experience with ducks as a have been stalked by a duck for quite some time now.
So, I put my ducting skills together and... Well, I have no duct making skills, other than making drain pans out of sheet metal in shop class some 30 years ago.
But, I just happened to have a box brake laying around. I salvaged it from going to scrap twenty years ago and I've been tripping over it in the shop ever since then.

I just used standard stove pipe fittings. I built a square box to hide the connections. It was a little challenging because I just have a box brake. You can only bend 2" deep and it is difficult to do corners. So you have to think about how you want to put your little box together so that it looks nice and so you can take it apart to install it.

I just bought light gauge galvanized metal from the local large hardware store. I've never tried to bend light sheet metal before. It was much easier that then 16 gauge stuff I usually attempt to bend.


  1. I wonder if you could use it as a saw vise?

    1. Budde already has enough vices and he gets his old saws from his Dad & Uncle.

  2. I'm impressed! You really need a seed cleaner. You would have a whole lot more opportunity to use that brake.


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