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Friday, May 30, 2014

I did not cut my fingers off

I think the rubber glove saved me. That and the fact I was holding on to the one chopper knife that is out of adjustment and not razor sharp. I am not the Hippo on the lawn guy and blood, pain, deep bruises make me queasy. Would have been a shame to waste those five cups of coffee I drank this morning.  Coffee is expensive. Wish my fingers would stop tingling. Really annoying.
AND... Yes, everything was shut off. Too complicated to explain.


  1. Wow. Glad you are OK and with all your digits.

    1. PioneerPrep, I'm ok. Thanks, I probably over exaggerated it all...

  2. that is not as bad as Hippo... but damn near close. good thing your fingers were saved! how could we learn all the news especially from an iphone!

  3. close one! I doubt any of us would survive what is a daily ordeal for the Hippo. I get queasy when I see my own blood too. It is supposed to stay inside & out of sight.

  4. Disclaimer, It was not that bad. I started reading the Hippo and was amazed at what a whiner I am. It is just when I that heavy drum full of knives moving and couldn't get my hand out of the way I thought I was going to lose my fingers and I had a way to post instantly with the other hand.

  5. There's this good advice from electricians...always work with one hand in your pocket; it helps keep one from having electricity stop your heart. I worked in a manufacturing plant with turrent lathes, big power shears and mind numbing and hand stamping punch presses. Everyone else was missing digits or part thereof. This was before OSHA and before any safety equipment. I worked really hard to never put any part of me inside anything. It's always tempting to grab, poke, etc. We evolved with hands and fingers because as a species that let's us do things that others cannot and it seems logical to use them in an expeditious but dangerous manner.

  6. A speaker at a farm Forum Program said it was easy to pick a farmer out in a crowd . Just look at their hands .
    Lots of guys called "Lefty ", Three Fingers" ,"One Eyed.."
    "Stumpy ."
    "Those in the clothes " but with all their digits and no visible scars are the pretenders :>)

  7. Can always pickout the wana bee cowboy ropers , they are the ones with the pinched off finger from a poor dally


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