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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Burrito of gastronomical distress

 My little helper had a rough day yesterday. Many things went wrong. Too many to list with my typing thumb.
On top of all the defugulaties he was not feeling well.
I think it was the burrito.

Yesterday morning I was sitting on the tongue of the dump box marveling that I still had fingers and my helper kept asking me if I was ok. I was just over reacting a bit and didn't want to explain my trauma. So I sent to the deli for burritos.
Of course they were out of the dollar burritos and hot sauce so he got their ultimate breakfast burrito. It should have been called the tardis burrito, cause there was infinity more grease on the inside.
He was not the same afterwards.
He made two trips back to the shop to poop.
I quit early to go to dinner with friends.
The plan was for little helper to mow hay for a couple hours as we also need to get moving on hay.
At 7 pm I got a text. He had shat himself getting in the tractor. I told him to go home.
This morning he is fine and mowing like mad.
I was able to lose the dipstick out of the tractor hydraulics and blew a hundred bucks worth of hydraulic fluid on the ground,
My chicken farmer friend is driving truck for me. Seems to be enjoying himself.

Maybe a little too much!


  1. You know how babies smile when they have gas? Maybe the chicken farmer has been eating burritos, too.

  2. Better read the script. Looks like a 'Here's Johnny!' moment, Jack Nicholson at the wheel.

  3. I have never had a burrito. After reading this I think maybe I will avoid them.

  4. I'd keep a close eye on the help, but at a safe distance.


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