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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I catch a fish and ride a motorcycle but not at the same time

I'm having a little trouble getting into the swing of things. Monday morning I found the fishing pole leaning in the corner and thought it looked a little lonely. I really did need to drive around and look at fields to see if the Peas were coming up.
I sort of took a wrong turn and ended up at the river.
My second cast I hooked a bite sized bass.
Thought about keeping him and then I mentally computed the chances of me catching another one to share and I threw him back...
Didn't even get another bite.
At 8:30 my phone started ringing non stop and I decided I had to go to work.
Then my daughter showed up. She didn't have school and my wife saw me sneaking out leaving with the fishing pole. We did a little exploring.

Yesterday I looked at my motorcycle. It looked sort of lonely. Plus, I had it parked between the work bench and my tool box. My little helper tries to squeeze by it to get to my tool box. I thought this was pretty funny until I saw that his belly had broken the turn signal and the mirror.
I thought I would get it out and clean it up. It really only needs tires and rear brakes. I just never get it done.
It took a couple kicks to get it started. Not bad for setting for a year....or two....
I actually planted 30 acres yesterday.
I would tell you about the planting and the misshaps that occurred on the way to plant but now I have to go to work. That is a story in itself...


  1. Got a feeling that the Hot Tub is looking kinda lonely.

    1. The hot tub novelty has pretty much worn off for me. I get bored. Plus it is too hot.

    2. I'll remove it for of charge!

  2. For some reason the title of this post makes me think of the old saying, "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle".


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