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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I wash my truck and have a milkshake

I am planting peas ten miles from home.
I'm pretty much planting between showers. Which breaks up my day. I also have to get equipment ready for the new season. Sell feed, hay, straw, talk to people look at fields, that sort of thing.
I get started with a project that should only take a little while and then it takes five times as long and I don't get started planting.
That is what happened two days ago.
I got my little helper to change the muffler and do a complete service on the 2-155 White that I got from Smith and Smith last year. I'm still quite angry that they lied to me about the FWA. I also continually amazed how they destroyed the tractor for only having it a short amount of time. I wish I would have been the second owner.
I was trying to the get A/C to work properly, which led me to a low voltage problem, which led to replacing the ignition switch, which led to taking the dash apart, which led to....
I was supposed to be planting two hours earlier.
On the way to plant I decided to stop at the DQ and get a Chocolate milkshake. The day before I had a strawberry and I like to stay milkshake integrated. However, I do not like butterscotch. I guess I'm a butterscotchophobic person. I should be more open minded.
But, I digress...
Milkshake in hand, I got to thinking that it was time for my yearly truck wash. If moss is growing on your truck it is time to wash it.
So I pulled into the coin operated carwash at the local auto-parts store.

I think their signs asking you not to wash off stuff that is muddy are pretty funny. The whole point of the carwash is to wash off muddy stuff.
Now I have a system for washing cars at the car wash. The key is to use as little money as possible. You can do it in two washes if you are fast.
You plug enough money in to start the carwash, hose off the car with the hot soap, and then you use the foaming brush to scrub the car. Then when it start beeping you either put just money in to rinse or you keep keep scrubbing as the foam keeps coming for a while after the wash ends.
Then you plug the minimum amount into the carwash and rinse the car. Then if money is left i do the tires.
However, the truck was really dirty so I put in $3.50 and kept scrubbing. But...the beeper that tells you when the wash is about to end didn't work and I had one side of the truck rinsed and the other side covered in soap.
It annoyed me so much I kicked all the mudflaps to make a big pile of mud and I drove off with one side of the truck covered in soap. I showed those guys...
Apparently my new mental age is around 5 years.
I got to the field and it was totally dry. I could have been planting all day. I worked till 10 pm or so. I planted 26 acres. I left the corners and little sliver in the center of the field until yesterday to finish.
It took me way too long.
The next field was just across the driveway. I started on that yesterday morning. But, first I fixed the hot tub. It took me an hour to find the secret reset button. I really am going to have to go to the chiropractor so that I can bend over just a little further. I think I would have found the elusive reset button a lot sooner.
I planted two rows of peas and one row of fescue. The fescue stays in for five years so you need to drive really straight with the drill. I didn't drive that straight. Then I got a flat tire on the drill transport. There are duals so I just kept going. I ran over some very sharp object in the field.
When I got down to the center of the field I had to take the tire in for repair. It was 20 miles away.
I got to drive the farmer's old Izuzu diesel pickup. It is kind of cool.
What this all means is that I didn't have time to bring the drill home.
It is now raining and the drill is setting in a field several miles away. It needs a few repairs and I don't want to drive it home in the rain.
Perhaps I'll go fishing.


  1. go for the hot fudge milkshake. it will change your life.

  2. Here washing the truck pretty well makes it rain. I washed mine for the first time in a long time this spring. It looked immaculate for maybe two weeks until I had to drive to a farm auction on muddy melting snow roads. Now it looks worse than ever. Time to fire up the pressure washer again , just to be stubborn.

  3. You wash your truck? In the rain?


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