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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Waiting on trucks and playing with my new phone

My Wife and daughter bought me an iPhone 5. My wife implied it was a free upgrade, my daughter just laughed. 
It  has made the silage chopping much more enjoyable. Now, whilst I am waiting for trucks I  can look at, craigslist, and there iss an app for blogger. I am using a bluetooth keyboard totype. it is a pain in da arse.
I amwatching the neighors chop clover with a big Claus chopper and 10 trucks. We are down to the IH as our neighbor helper had a dentist appointment. 1.5 loads an hour right now...The Claus is doing a Semi truck   evey five minutes.
Sitting in the G1355 with my  a/c on and looking at White American series  tractors on Tractorhouse.
Note: Dont look up White 2-110 on the craigslist app. Your wife willl not uderstand if you click on the wrong adevert. Much, Much, Worse is White 4-270.


  1. Don't look up any model of Cockshutt either. That could be bad. Really bad.

  2. Kudos to you for your new phone! I see that it has brought some color to your daily routine. The ease of access to blogger and other sites is a definite plus as well. That situation with the White 4-270 really cracked me up, though. Haha! Stay safe!

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World

    1. Clara the new iPhone has been a bit of a challenge. Blogging is hard on my data plan.
      Plus my former friends now send me text messages with pictures.
      On the other hand, I can't hear the phone ring so I get fewer disruptions.


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