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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy, happy! Blessed is the day!

For those of you who read my blog and worry that I may run off to sunny climes and not cut your hay... I have recovered somewhat this morning. I am in a joyous and thankful mood. (yesterday was a bad day) Not really that bad, no one got hurt, no serious damage, just my usual luck, many little annoying things went wrong. I was constantly reminded that I am a pathetic farmer. Just the usual... Wears one down after a while. A/C keeps quitting. I tightened up the belt and put the mounting bolt though the bottom of the A/C compressor. Fixed it with loctite and silicone jammed up the hole...
Last night I took my prescription of muscle relaxant, (thank you Dr. R.M. Rose) and actually slept well. And it is overcast so I overslept a bit. This morning I got my dose of scripture reading from Buffalo and Perpetual.
I fixed myself some eggs and bacon. Left a little bacon for my daughter who is sleeping in, and I'm almost ready to face the day.
My little helper arrived early and is setting in the store drinking coffee. He likes to set in the store and drink coffee. I'm thinking he will probably NOT fix his tail lights. He also has a huge leak in the radiator on the IH truck. I need diesel and gas and something else which I don't remember....
Perhaps I shall fall back on the medical efforts of Dr. Rose... If it were good enough for the CSA then it oughta be good enough for me....


  1. Maybe you should start paying your helper in vegetables and livestock feed.

  2. son in law was the reciprent of my old obsolete out of business New Noble air drill . Caster wheel on air cart snapped off , Down went the cart , Smashed off seed and fertilizer delivery tubes .No new parts available . But the fellow who bought the remains of the company still makes some parts . So SIL came home with a odd ball caster that required bastardization to make fit . Got it going the next day . A few hours later he dropped in to a mud hole . Had to pull air cart and drill out backwards . Plugs up the openers . He is still calving to boot . His farming Ranching has been a real challange .
    He needs to read your blog . Maybe he would feel better .

  3. You need to hire me to be your helper. I love to sit around all day and drink coffee. I take it black, so you would save on cream and sugar.

  4. Plus you are an A/C expert. You are hired. I suppose now you want to work from home.


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