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Friday, February 24, 2012

A rant about politics as I watch the BBC

I was watching the BBC this morning and I see we The US Government are apologizing for burning the koran in Afghanistan.
Why are we there? Why are we apologizing? So what if we burned their "holy book." I don't care. I mean, really what exactly are we getting out of this war?
Despite what I have seen on the Rick Steve's show this is a horrible place, a horrible religion, and a stupid war. Who cares if they like us? Why do we let them into our country?
Did it work for the British?
Did it work for the Russians?
What a waste!
Speaking of a waste, (as I continue to watch the BBC) am I the only person who is somewhat detached from the "Syrian Crisis."  Why would the Syrian government give up? They know they will be given a tortured, given a fake trial, tortured, and then executed. Or found hiding in a drainage tile and then shot. And, I don't really care about the opposition. Why would we want another extremist islamic government? It will not lower the price of oil.
We say fake prayers in the government, pretend to be a Christian nation and then let oldest Christian community in the world be slaughter by the religion of peace.
Pretty amazing...


  1. I'm guessing "we" (the U.S. U.N.?) are there to stop the oppression of the innocent civilians and women over there. And not for any other reason. Yes, it is a terrible waste of human life and resources, like all the other wars in the past. I'm sure most would like to just pack up and head home and leave the warring factions to sort it out on their own. We have learned that war is a bad thing but not how to prevent it. And I am afraid it will never change.

  2. The children will turn into terrorists and the women will breed more of them. We have people going hungry and being mistreated in THIS country. Let's feed and protect THEM first!


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