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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We go on an adventure

Monday we went to Multnomah Falls. It was like a vacation from my childhood.
It rained.
 It was a nice mile and a half hike.
The falls are pretty spectacular. Was too much fog to see much at the top of the falls.
 When we when there when I was a wee lad I don't remember all the railings keeping you back from the edge. I remember going out on a trail that had washed away and finding some legos. My brothers told me they belonged the little boy who went over the falls when the trail washed away.
I was sad but I wished I would have picked up the legos. They were the yellow and the blue one. Those were hard to find back in the day...
 It was a nice trip. We saw lots of trees and some ferns and a bird and rocks. Lots of rocks.


  1. Very nice! The park at the base is a regular stop when we drive west, feels like we're really in western Oregon. Will have to consider a jaunt to the top.

  2. The gorge is beautiful. We started one day at the west end of the old road and hiked up to each waterfall we came to as we drove East. Although we picked a sunny day. One of the advantages of not being a professional farmer.


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