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Friday, February 24, 2012

Another day in Paradise...

I remembered I have an appointment with the Chiropractor this morning. I loaded four bales for my wife to deliver to a co worker. I was going to go to work. I have a grain drill and tractor to get ready and a sprayer I am attempting to build.
Then I noticed my back.
I just need to start doing set-ups again. And drink more water. I will ask the Chiro about increasing the ratio of branch water to Old Number 7. Perhaps he could write me a prescription for a little better grade...
I have a whole list of things for the employee to do but he seems to have vanished, again. It is somewhat comical.
Brother and I went to a breakfast meeting where they talked about planning your fertilizer and fuel purchases and your wheat sales. There was a good discussion of how world events affect fuel prices. For example the ratio of the dollar to other currencies especially the Euro and the debt crisis in the EU. And of course, events in the lands of exploding turbans.
No call from the helper. He can't work when I am gone. I suppose it getting hard to read the list of unfinished projects as it has been on the wall for TWO years. Probably a tough decision to make as to which tractor to change the oil on or which arse cheek to scratch or how many cups of coffee to drink or if one should poop and sit back down in it or if one should in fact wipe one's arse due to the futility of cleaning it only to soil it a few hours later. (Or minutes, depending on where you eat your lunch)
Heaven forbid one would spend a few moments restacking the scrap pile, or picking up garbage off the floor in the shop or grind off the sharp edges of the project being worked on or clean out your car or clean out tractor cabs or wash the truck you didn't wash after chopping silage last year or change a tire or wash the tractor you didn't wash last fall or line up the spare tire pile or sell some hay or pick up the feed bags that blew around the yard in last night windstorm or screw the dog, or go fishing, or ride my personal 4-wheeler, get it covered in mud, turn the fuel selector to reserve, not replentish the fuel-and then leave for a couple days, or just go to the tool boxes and mix up the tools by drawer and by ownership and by brand, or....
I wonder why Frank decided to quit farming?


  1. Budde, it sounds like at some point you will need to balance the benefits of having an employee against the aggravations of having an employee. I am so lucky that I can do most of the things I need to do by myself, and the occasional assistance of family members when the need arises.

    1. Ralph, You said it! However, I am the problem. I am hard to work for because I get way too uptight and drive my help crazy-if they are here all year. Kind of like working for a female. Now that I've figured it out I do a little better. I think our whole water table is contaminated with excess estrogen from the dump across the river...

  2. The only time I could leave an employee on his own was when two particular guys worked at the same time. The dense one was a hard worker, but the lazy one didn't want to be showed up, so he tried to keep up. Plus the lazy one, being smarter (Wonder if there's a story there?), was able to keep the dense one headed the right direction. Sadly, they could rarely work at the same time.

  3. No one cares about your money like you do. That is the problem with employees. At the end of the day they go home. The other issue is that the ones you can afford to hire-well, you can't really afford to hire them, I trust you know what I mean.


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