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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another post to make up for lost time.

For those of you who wonder at the day to day foibles at Shepherd Farms here is a quick run down.
1. Events which I can't talk about. No death, disagreement, or crisis within my family but if you happened to see the news today and know what part of the country I am from you could probably figure it out pretty quick. A year from now I will still have strong opinions about the event and will be happy to discuss it. I imagine it made the national news by now...
2. Had two people coming for feed and I am broke. Hammermill screen came apart. Spent morning trying to find a screen. Finally ordered one from New Holland for $250. Then welded sheet metal over the huge holes in the old screen. Took me all day.
3. Had late lunch with a friend. Discovered that issue mentioned in number 1 had appeared in the news. Corrected an erroneous news report.
4. Attempted to build a small high flotation sprayer trailer but forgot that the tank outlet was in the center and now have to reposition tank.
5. Played a round of "Life" with wife and daughter.
6. Tucked in aforementioned daughter and said silent prayer of thanks that I was too afraid to take my GRE's and get my graduate degree in Secondary Ed.
7. Discovered that has vanished now that I've finally decided my Baby Advent speakers need the tweeters replaced and a new crossover.
Which brings to mind the day I bought those speakers with my friend from Florida. We tried to pay for a Pizza with a credit card only to discover they didn't take credit cards and then when I came back with the money from an ATM they ignored us when we tried to pay. So we left. Only time I've ever done that in my life...
8. Presently listening to the Kinks utilizing the Rek-O-kut turntable and Dynakit PAS-2 preamp formerly belonging to MuddyValley's father and a Dynaco ST120 purchased from a retired Yamhill Country Sheriff. And not quite enjoying the sound coming from those aforementioned Advent Speakers. Really good sounding mid-range and bass at low volume, but the foam surrounds are starting to go on one speaker and I just can't get enough high range out of them to compensate for my hearing damage.
After listening to the Kinks I have been reminded that the same stupid ideas by the same sorts of stupid liberals that ruined Great Britain in the 1960's-1970's are just now destroying the USA.
Think about this...
Remember the protests of the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam war...
Do you think you could do that today?
What would you rather have, National Guard troops standing around with M1 rifles or turtle shelled riot cops pepper spraying girls? Is it the same or is it different?

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