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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The President of the USA mistaken for a Valet?

I just read this story in the London Daily mail about the every day racism experienced by the Obamas.
I feel their pain, just the other day I told someone I was a farmer and they asked me how many acres of grapes and filberts Hazelnuts I had. You people just assume....
You folks know that the President is just like you all. Living in Chicago and trying to catch a cab. Getting mistaken for a waiter and probably harassed by the Po-lice.
Yah, and the first lady got mistaken for a clerk in the local Target, which is pretty racist when you consider the included photo which shows a tall white guy trying to look casual (Secret Service?) and a brownskinned person checking their phone. 
So, did a near sighted elderly person not notice the fifteen thirty security guards and think they could get this tall person to reach something on a tall shelf? 
Did she wear a red apron to Target? Cause that would explain everything...
Otherwise, I'm sorry, but it is impossible to believe.
Why would anyone assume anyone else would be Target or Wallmart employee based on RACE and not based on their store UNIFORM. 
Perhaps someone really did need help getting something off a shelf and asked the nice tall lady for help and she interpreted as racism which is a subject all on its own.
As for the President being mistaken for a waiter, that was in a movie. That didn't happen in real life in the 21st century. He was not the only black man in the room in a TUX.
Well, I guess it could... Democrats are pretty condescending. The top leadership is pretty white. 
We have a neighbor that is quite proud of being a Democrat. He always has a brown person that he is "helping." 
Sometimes I ask them how they feel about being the "token" brown person in my neighbor's life. They usually laugh about it and make jokes about not actually being let in the house. 
The one guy who really noticed and was slightly annoyed pointed out that his ancestors came from New Mexico, he didn't speak Spanish, he had more eduction that his "Patron" and he actually was helping the older buy and didn't really appreciate it all that much.
Then I asked him if the Democrat had ever tried to get him in the hot tub and that was pretty funny. It was quite an enjoyable conversation.
But I digress....
The President, Oppression, and now Dance parties.
I find the Dance Party comments also pretty funny. Well of course he listens to Sly and the Family Stone and Al Green and of course they have dance parties in the White House. 
Although I wonder if they made a mistake with their "Code Words." I doubt it. I'm sure this was a carefully crafted interview. Choosing to say dance party and dropping Sly and Al as names must be designed to appeal to a certain black demographic. I suppose rap and basketball would be over the edge.
Pretty funny article anyway. 
Not that they need it. The party faithful will be happy with what ever bone is thrown them...


  1. people think that i work at stores all the time. *wonders if that is the same thing* i'm pretty sure it's because i normally refuse to wear a jacket and i dont carry a purse. i also figured out that my cute red vest makes me look like i work at Meijers, Target, Kohls, and TSC. i need to get a different colored one i think.

    1. ok i re-read that. i'm really short so i ask people to get things off the top shelves for me all the time. oh geez. i never thought of the unfairness to all those tall people.

    2. Yeah well, when ever I see a black person asking them to get me coffee and handing them my keys is of course the FIRST thing that comes to mind...
      Wow, that came out wrong...
      I meant it as in the context of, when I see a hispanic person I don't ask them to mow my lawn. (Get it grounds keeper stereo type) However, if I see a white guy that looks twitchy and has sores on his face I do lock my car doors.

    3. we talked about this last nite. my hubs is very tall and people are ALWAYS asking him to get stuff off grocery shelves. he is feeling the oppression.

    4. Perhaps he should get really indignent and harbor resentment toward short people so he is president you can complain about it.

  2. I don't think he actually said that happened while he was President.

    The problem is real, but it's in its nature to sound exaggerated. Some encounters are due to unfair racial profiling while others are not. Every white person has a strange encounter with the police story. If a black person counts all strange encounters as being racist, that's over counting, but some percentage of them do count. Once that get's in your head, it's hard to tell which are which. The First Lady's Target story is probably one of those.

    1. I think the First Lady's brush with racism was much like me reading the fundraising letter from George W. Bush which detailed his amazing "conversion experience."
      Just playing to the crowd.
      I think the ought to add a little P-Funk to their dance party. Al Green is a little tame.

  3. I feel their pain. All the presidents kind of look alike to me. Washington, Jefferson, etc.


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