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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Big money!

Since signing up with adsense earlier this week I've made .16 cents. Movin' on up...

My new theme song


  1. Replies
    1. I have very little sense and my link to the Jeffersons went away.

  2. That is not very much considering the hits you have. It certainly is not big money although it is 16 cents more than I make sitting in front of my computer.

    1. Honestly, how many times do you click on advertisements? I never click on ads. Sort of hypocritical of me to sign up for Adsense. I suspect my readers are of the same demographics. I'm trying change.

    2. I agree on ads, can't stand them. Nobody has ever told me how much money I am passing up by not monetizing my youtube videos. Maybe I don't want to know. I hate intrusive ads!

    3. I like the Amazon referral ads as I do buy from Amazon and so I try to help bloggers who have them. Not sure about the others. It is an experiment.


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