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Monday, December 15, 2014

More blather about advertising

So, my gentle readers....
I am skeptical about this advertising program.
It is my opinion that my readers are mostly grumpy farmers who still have their first dime and never click on advertisements.
However, I envision vast sums of money with little effort and so I continue.
Please feel free to click on those adverts even if you don't want to buy anything. Just set your web browser to delete cookies when you shut down.
I actually get more money if you leave those cookies on your browser for three days but I think that is pushing the good will of my readers.
I've found some interesting advertisements on the fellow who doesn't have a job's website. While I didn't buy anything, I read about solar power and beekeeping.
I've added another link to Amazon. This link should be contextual and might actually be useful. I have Amazon prime and use that to download and play music. I avoid iTunes as much as possible, being a loyal and longtime Apple user. (Since the Mac 512)
Have a nice day...

UPDATE: Ten minutes later... I see Hogan's Heroes is listed as a suggested purchase on Amazon. I highly recommend this boxed set. So perhaps this is more of a public service than a money making scam!


  1. Are you aware that for your readers to experience any of you advertisements, they must scroll to the very bottom of your page. This is very far from the end of your usual posts, which while some of them may be very long, they still never come close to the ads. Your donation button is the exception, grabbing our attention at the start of your posts, and where you undoubtedly make the most money. Never mind!! I see that is your "SHELFARI BOOKSHELF" Whatever that may be. The Amazon ad I is indeed up near the top, albeit hard to see being in a small, light grey font.

  2. The amazon ad is right beside the comments for me. And of course I am sure all ads are targeted to the individual based on your history of web browsing. No doubt we all see different ads. They think they have me figured out. Ads for farm equipment and single senior women. :-)

    1. I thought ads were based on blog content. Perhaps I read the fine print incorrectly. Are you sure it is not hot Russian women raking hay in their underwear? Not that I'm saying that I am seeing that of course!

  3. Amazon has several ad "gadgets." You can promote specific products, categories or use the context gadget. I'd opt for the context gadget. Amazon might be better at interpreting your posts than your readers (that is supposed to be a joke). Ebay also offers an advertising affiliate program which might provide better ads for your curmudgeon farmer friends who are going to skip the Amazon-suggested yoga pants and go for a regulator for a 1962 Minneapolis Moline.

  4. What happened to the "Elf" blog post I was going to comment on it but now it does not exist.

  5. The last few times I have tried to follow the link from my favorites listing it tells me your page does not exist. The first time was a controversial topic so I figured you had been coerced by the censors but that does not apply to this. I can see the title and first few lines but when I link I am told you don't exist. I wonder if it has anything to do with your new adsense?

    Grace and peace.

    1. I was posting with my iPhone while waiting for my daughter at guitar practice and I made such of mess of it I removed it.

  6. I think you'll be a amused that here in Massachusetts I'm getting ads on The Lazy Farmer for the Nutcracker-Boston Ballet.

  7. I believe that my Chrome ad-ons, Adblock and ClassicPopup blocker are removing the ads on your site. Perhaps I should not advertise this feature.

  8. The Amazon ad is for Garth Brooks "Man Against Machine." Clearly Amazon does a great job on contextual analysis.


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