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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Make way for the Highway

Here is some interesting reading for you this morning..
I was looking at Gorge's Grouse this morning and saw his photo of the view before the Interstate.
The idea of a little old lady changing the course of an interstate is a out of date image in today's world of eminent domain, well funded developers, and police with tasers. (Click Photo for link)

In today's world, cops would have her on the ground and zip tied in two seconds. All her conservative friends would tell her she deserved that broken hip because if she wouldn't have resisted they wouldn't have had to beat the crap out of her. I'd complain and then all my cop friends would tell me how dangerous their jobs are, even though I actually have a much more dangerous job and cops rate one step below garbagemen in job injuries and death.
I've always admired "Granny" for changing the highway but figured her pies tasted like exhaust and her chickens probably where killed by speeding automobiles.


  1. Makes me appreciate living out in the sticks with gravel roads and two lane blacktop.

  2. The book appeared to be at my reading level, but it was downloading too slow for my ADHD.

    1. Well, it is about this little old lady who baked pies and had chickens and grew the best roses ever, but didn't want to move when the highway came though. She wouldn't budge so they changed the highway. Sort of a subversive book. It reflects the old view American's had of themselves.

  3. That book was published in 1961. That is scary. Seems like that was just yesterday. Not the same now.

    1. I didn't check to see if it is still in print. Probably has been updated to "Jason has two Daddies and is bullied by people who eat lots of GMO wheat..." Children's books must reflect the times...


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