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Sunday, December 28, 2014

And the Christmas Spirit sort of wears down a bit....

There have been a couple moments in life where I've felt the urge to laugh and cry at the same time. I'd post a link to Absurdist writer Flannery O'Conner here but I'm using my iPhone Blogger app which doesn't do links and misinterprets my horrible spelling...
But I digress...
Those moments were unexpected as well as ill-timed.
The most memorable was some years ago. It was right after my Mothers funeral when my best friend and I were sitting in front of the ancient wood stove at our old house. I waxing a bit philosophical and he says, "You do realize there is no God." He explained that he had thoroughly studied biology and mathematics and he was sure that there was no "greater design," just the laws of random numbers and evolution.
I told him thanks for the comforting words.
The second little event happened just this week. It was day after Christmas.
I loaded a pickup load of hay for a long term customer.
It was dark. We sitting on hay bales and talking about the people who have died and how relatively small amounts of money would make all the difference in the world to people like ourselves. I made the example of how $100,000 would get the farm back on track and let us buy the farm store from my Uncles estate.
My friend looked at me and said, "what the hell is wrong with you? You are living in poverty, in a f...'n mobile home, not saving money and you don't own a damn thing. And you want to buy a farm store with five customers? Get at G.. D... job so you don't have to load hay in the cold at 7 pm."
I must say he does bring up good points. I've known him for a few years.
But it sort of "harshed" my post Christmas mellow...

In other news...

The Christmas tree is dying... I suppose that is relevant somehow...
Have a nice day...
Happy Nude Year!


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't take it personal. I guess people just do what they know to do until they have to do something else.

  2. Maybe HE'LL give you a job, since the good ones apparently are growing on trees.

    1. Well, it is a pretty big jump from saying, "I need to get a real job," and getting that job. I could get a truck driving job with one phone call but Truck Driving gives my very high stress levels as I tend to get lost. I didn't take it personal. He meant well...

  3. Replies
    1. It was supposed to make you laugh. Happy birthday.

  4. When my mother died I was struck with how little people actually knew about her life. I'm not sure than other than bringing food that people have many skills in this. Being in business for oneself is tough. We've made nothing in four years of the small business (cafe) other than keeping our daughter employed. Jobs suck and don't suck. Your uncle's estate should be benevolent; you're family. I get lost, too, so have ruled out bus driving as a part-time job. Last week I got lost ten miles from my house.

  5. My father had a hard time working for the Man. He eventually went into business for himself doing construction. He never made the money he would have in a union job but, all modesty aside, his children turned out very well because of the example he set.

    Some people are better off working for themselves (and the tax man of course).

    Grace and peace.


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