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Sunday, December 21, 2014

If only I would have ordered those cheap kayaks from Amazon

Our farm is underwater. It might have something to do with the three inches of rain we got yesterday. I spent the afternoon moving the baler, rake, and grain drill to my neighbor's empty hay shed. Our shed is still full.
It is sort of like the other day when I picked up a load of barley from storage and thought I would stop by my customer's house on the way home and deliver their already paid for barley on my way home.
I filled the first barrel and then I looked in the top of the barrel. Bugs...
Of course there were bugs. That is exactly what happens.
The bugs are not a problem for pig or chicken feed. I dump diatomaceous earth in with the raw grain. It's a great dewormer!
But this was for sprouting and I was filling 55 gallon drums.
So I folded the auger in and went home.
I threw a pile of diatomaceous earth under the tarp.
In other news...
The Christmas tree is still going. LED's are highly efficient!


  1. Never used DE before but I understand it is pretty near "organic" and odor free. The stuff with garlic smell was Phostoxin and highly toxic to humans, and everything else. The one time I had to use it the elevator agent advised that if I got a whiff of that stuff they would only have time to watch me die. Apparently it worked fast. I was not about to test that theory.
    Use a grain vac. It kills bugs dead.

  2. I hope you get no serious damage from the flooding. Dirt will dry out, buildings and machinery less so (obviously).

    1. It is a yearly event. Attempting to find a local store that has cheap kayaks right now. When life gives you a lake..,


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