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Friday, December 12, 2014

My Conspiracy Theory

I sell more than hay and pig feed. With every ton of hay you get a conversation.
This is good and bad. People tend to reveal the oddest things to me out at the hay barn.
Tales of sexual misadventures, the dark secrets of Evergreen Airlines, tales of gangs wielding AK-47's in Portland, and just exactly what is wrong with the world.
I really never know what to believe.
I once made a deal with a hay customer for a collection of old slides and movies which should have detailed the development of the Boeing B-29. What I got turned out to be vintage naked photos of the Boeing Engineer's wife and his penis in a bathtub.
I also found photos of a vacation to Arizona and his family Christmas in 1955. I have a couple more boxes to go through but I really don't want to see more penis photos. The bathtub was nice. Had nice old style fixtures.
But, I digress...
I've been getting conspiracy theories. It is kind of amazing the number of people I meet who are convinced there is an evil plot to rule the world and whomever is currently president, is in on the plot.
I have my own theory.
It is the Conspiracy of Stupidity. People laugh at me when I explain it but I swear I'm right.
Here is the way it works...
It is based on a central belief in human stupidity.

It is my belief it is impossible to fully comprehend the stupidity and self centeredness of people who aspire to leadership. (Think local on this one and you will agree)
In addition, you are always arguing the wrong argument. There is usually a third perspective which is a little more complicated but is closer to the truth.
Events can be explained by the phrase, "What would Larry, Moe, and Curly do?" Art imitates life. One of the biggest lessons not learned from WWII was that authority figures are comically stupid and evil. Watch Hogan's Heroes and then watch the news, then realize that those screen writers and authors were WWII veterans.

I say my previous post on our local cops killing a guy trying to surrender my theory. It wasn't because he was hispanic, it was because they are trained to believe every suspect is going to pull out an AK and mow down the city. We attack the cops and call them racist thugs but how do you know the whole theory of modern police training was not thought up by a moron who wanted to separate the gubment from a whole pile of money and just made it all up as he went along. (relying heavily on comic book scripts)

So...What is the point of this post?
First of all, I want to see if adsense will cancel me for being a nutcase.
Secondly, I have believed since day one that the CIA torture program was run by idiots who had based everything on B-Movies and were so stupid that they did not realize they were destroying everything the USA stands for. (they watch the wrong B-Movies)
Today I found out I was correct.  (Click Here)
The whole torture program was a scam by two idiots who made a fortune out of ruining the good name of the United States. 
I think they should be executed for treason. Their decision to torture POW's (how ever inept they were) will result United States soldiers being tortured and killed. People should be outraged but the idiot conservatives are lining up to say it was necessary.
We have three thousand years of the discussion of might vs right and the End Justifying the Means and we still don't understand.
Idiots... There are no conspiracies, no... only short sighted self serving stupidity, and the laws of statistics. We just connect random events in to a pattern that fits our bias...


  1. I've avoiding doing some work on barcode labels. I've read your post twice and am not sure if I agree or disagree. There are people in leadership, both government and business, who are not stupid but I think we do lack the idea of putting real thought and problem solving together. My son was teaching a class in Denmark about the American political system and the ongoing division and bi-partisanship that has ground government and progress to a halt. In Denmark much of we debate hear has been long ago discussed, negotiated and settled. His students cannot understand why government in the US cannot solve it's own problems. Police are generally understaffed and undertrained and taught to shoot for center mass. Normally there is no liability for drilling someone if they feel at risk. Your Hispanic guy seems to have been beyond the point of being a threat. The Ferguson situation seems clear, too, but I was not there. Torture is morally and fundamentally wrong. However, if I knew someone had information I would do whatever to get it. The problems has always been that most people don't know anything and the practice and culture of torture goes beyond getting information and becomes it's own self-serving sadism. I would digitize the B-29 slides and put them up on a pay-per-view site. Of course I might be stupid. Someone flagged your post as offensive. I find that offensive. Whatever.

    1. You are not sure if you agree or not because I make blanket statements and the concepts are more complex. To make a simple example, It is not just stupidity, it is willfully ignoring the greater good for personal gain. That is not stupidity, it is cleverness and greed. Not training, and hiring morons, may be a policy.
      I suppose the question is whether you trust your institutions or not.
      I think I would make more money by selling vintage porn as opposed to vintage B-29 photos which I have yet to actually find.

    2. Also, Ferguson is pretty simple. The cop felt threatened and shot the punk. It appears that the kid really did get too close to the cop. However, if you watch the video you have to realize that the threshold of what is considered a threat could be a flinch.

    3. Yes, I admit to believing in all of them and none of them at the same time. I think most everyone does.

  2. I'm a firm believer in conspiracy theories - ALL of them. That's the only thing that saves us. So many are after different targets, while others are competition with so many other groups that no-one is winning the game - yet.

  3. Replies
    1. I also agree with Art. I saw we should have Art for Art's sake.

  4. kinda wondering about that adsense thing....


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