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Thursday, December 11, 2014

If you want to understand police shootings then read this article

There was a stabbing in our community a couple weeks ago. A college student was attacked by a crazy hispanic guy in the Seven Eleven. 
The crazy hispanic guy went home covered in blood.  His friends were horrified and told him he had to go back and confess. (Should have said call a lawyer)
He goes back, stands by the store for a while quietly waiting for someone to notice him. After a long wait the cops notice him and start screaming at him to put his hands up.
He puts his hands up and they keep screaming at him. More cops run out of the store and start screaming at him. 
Then all of a sudden they open up on him. One officer shot eleven times. 
He drops.
They are still screaming at him to put his hands up.
He can't do that as he is dead and lying on the ground. (Resisting arrest I suppose)
The local radio station (KLYC 1260) which actually covers the news and lets you read it on their website, (unlike the pathetic excuse for a bid cage liner that is called the News Register.)

The quotes by the local DA are amazing.

"Berry says a person would think that officers yelling at you with guns drawn should cause a person to know it was in their best interests to drop any weapon they were holding."

Unless of course you are insane or don't understand English or don't have a weapon to drop or if you have a nervous tic that makes you flinch or....

The following quote is the key to understanding all the police shootings and what some people consider police brutality,

 "Berry says he is ruling this as a justified shooting and that the officers reacted as they were trained to."

Conservatives as well as the nutcases on the left playing the race card need to get this understanding through their thick skulls.

The police follow their training.

Get it? Their training... They are trained to escalate conflicts. To intimidate/dominate the suspect. Violence by the suspect is the SUSPECT's fault. Because, "If he wasn't guilty he would not of resisted."

Perhaps it is time to address issues a little more in-depth?

Remember that when they come to put you in the re-education camps....


  1. Many years ago I learned that you need to do whatever police tell you. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your hands where they can see them. Don't look directly in their eyes. Some dogs are fear biters. Some cops are fear shooters. Unfortunately people believe that they can protect us and keep us safe.


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