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Friday, December 19, 2014

A short post about iPhone point of sale apps

I am not the smartest iPone/smart phone user.
And I'm getting just a wee bit frustrated...
Here's the deal...
I want to use my iPhone to do something other than to play games and take selfies.
I want to use it to keep records of hay sales and feed sales.
This is the way it should work.

I sell things:
1. Customer arrives and I plug their name into the invoice function. It looks them up in contacts and completes the invoice or it gives me an option to edit the name.

2. It asks me for item and quantity and price. I plug it in. It totals them.

3. It asks for method of payment. If a check, then I have the option to take a photo of the check.

4. If they pay later I can have a box to accept payments later. I also have a box to click that shows payment clears.

5. I can get reports by customer of open invoices, sales, balance.

I can buy things:
1. This would be done with a purchase order. I haul in a load of hay. If I buy it from myself I can put in my own name. If I buy it from someone else I can put in the vender name. Customers can also be venders.

2. I can add to inventory if I want using this same purchase order, but I don't have to. I can take a photo of the item to be sold. There could be a box to check to add to inventory but I don't really need to.

3. I can pay later and there is a spot to record check number and a photo of the check.

I can transfer information:
1. I can print an invoice or purchase order
2. I can print a very simple monthly bill which could be like a report. Wouldn't need to be very fancy.
3. Some sort of summery so I can retype this into Quickbooks

This is all I need for a basic app.
Extras would be a subscription to a cloud service, perhaps different invoices which would let me track hours.

A huge added benefit for which I might actually pay. The ability to accept credit card by taking a photo of them with my phone.

I don't really understand why there is not something like this. I can see so many small business which this could benefit.

Apps I've tried and am trying which all have some sort of basic flaw:
Invoice Pro, (if you hit the wrong button and close the app or screen you lose the invoice, I think)
Invoice Asap, (no purchase orders)
GoPayments, (no purchase order and it is mostly a credit card payment app)
iConnect POS, (Wants me to sign into to a cloud service and it was one too many sign ups and I closed it)

Does anyone out there keep records with their iPhone?


  1. Move over to the dark side: Check out the Android apps.
    Test it on LUlu's phone. Square register?

  2. 1. I find the notion of doing business on an iPhone ridiculous. 2. It's a very good idea for people who are constantly on the move. 3. The last time I was in the Verizon store they did all their stuff on iPads but I still had to stand in line. 4. I use Quickbooks online. I don't like the recent update. They have an iPhone app. I suspect it will do most but the check/photo thing might be a stretch. Checks are dead. Credit/debit cards or PayPal are the way to go. I'm sure most old geezy farmers have PayPal accounts...ha.

  3. I suppose I will have to get the quickbooks subscription. I just thought it would be easy. I use my iPhone because I lose sales books. I need to stop losing my records.
    Some people do have paypal but it is mostly cash.

  4. I'd go to a laptop personally, lots more functions, and more durable than a phone...

    1. Nancy, thanks for the comment. I use my phone because I have to carry it with me everywhere anyway. AND I tend to lose multiple sales books per year. I tried a notebook years ago but o would go off and leave it in random odd places. I do try to live above my handicapp level but it is a challenge.


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