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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Was going to plant 15 acres of Timothy. Couldn't find the seed. I think I used it all or gave it away. The drum the seed was in had annual ryegrass. Hmmm.
Was going to plant for my neighbor.
Discovered one of the from FWA wheels on the 2-155 was broken.
Numerous interruptions later I got the wheel off. It is full of calcium and very heavy.
Took wheel to tire shop to get tire removed.
Realized I was going to be late for my daughter's fall choir concert.
Told tire guy. He said he would do the tire right away and I should come back in 15 minutes.
I came back and he was in the back room fighting the tire. He asked me to hold one of the tire iron while he pried off the tire. He was drenched in sweat. Tire guys earn their money!
I said thankyou! (At least twice)
Got back in time to weld up the rim. Have to do a pretty good job as the tire people are not supposed to mount tires on repaired wheels.
Went to Choir concert.
Came home, started reading one of my daughter's books. Got engrossed in the book. Finished the book at 1 a.m.
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