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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In honor of the government shutdown and my friend breaking his leg I do things that are dangerous

Oh NO! Those evil republicrats shut down THE PANDA CAM! Have they no shame?!
In protest solidarity I decided to engage in risky behavior. I will assure my gentle reader that this did no involve poop shrooms, one beer, and a hot tub.
No, it involved a forklift and, gasp!, no safety harness, no  hard hat, and high voltage!
This is not illegal, however if a OSHA inspector was driving by they would be required by law to stop and demand to see if I was an employee or not. I'm not an employee and I personally have no employees so I am exempt.
However, just knowing that there were no OSHA inspectors driving around was a liberating feeling. Also,  I was thinking I would lend moral support to my friend who broke his leg by engaging in risky behavior. I was one step from multiple broken bones. And if it would have started raining and dropped below 65 degrees, one hour from hypothermia, (see yesterday's post). )I do have a hot tub but have no beer.)

We spent all day building this simple windboard for the dump box. The top of the box is directly in line with the end of the chopper spout. This means that when you finally get a good load on the box and you point the spout at it to finish the load, it blows the all the silage over the side of the box.
Then we hooked the box to the tractor and raised it all the way to test our repairs. A seal had leaked and one cylinder was full of water. We thought we had drained the cylinders and all would be fine. Apparently something went wrong. The hydraulic oil in the tractor is now white. It is a White tractor but white hydraulic fluid means water. At $13 per gallon and 30 gallons in the tractor it will be just a tad expensive.
But it will keep us busy. More rain is on the way...
In other news...
The mantra of blame Republicans continues. It doesn't really appear that it would have taken much by the Democrats to reach a compromise. Of course no one even talks about insanity of having the IRS involved in healthcare.
Although ZetaWolf has a nice post on how to avoid the fine tax.
Glad to see that the Republicans stuck together. I see many people online have their knickers knotted. They are of course repeating the talking points which were sent to them telepathically by the DNC. This should put a spike in the NSA workload and cost the government even more money.
The shutdown is pretty interesting. It really brings out the useless stuff that government spends money on. So... they hire guards to keep regular law-abiding folks out of the National Parks but they can't stop drug gangs from growing Chronic on an industrial scale. They are busting people from smoking pot in National Parks but, once again, industrial illegal grows are not really policed.
I personally have little sympathy for government employees. In general they get paid more than I, have better insurance than I, have more job security than I, and they work for the government.
I personally would like to see the government shut down until they stop spending huge amounts of money.
How much does it cost to record and store every single bit of info transmitted by cell phone or internet vs the actual protection benefits? How much did that huge shiny black building cost?
Apparently Wall Street doesn't care much either. Click here and take no of the headline, Wall Street Rebounds as Government Shutdown does nothing...


  1. I don't know how I will survive this shut down without the panda cam. I am sure shutting it down saves us a pile of money. On that note, why can't the gov. employees just go to work as usual? Many will get paid retroactively anyway for this hiatus, and you would think that as good citizens they would do their part gratis if need be. Instead of paying for all those signs in front of the national parks explaining that they are closed and why, and kicking the campers out (who have already paid), why not let them stay? I think shutting the gov. down will only cost us more money, although it really pisses me off that the government wants to force me to buy something I don't want, from a company in an industry that exists primarily to make money for it's investors, and not really to serve it's subscribers. As an example, We all got along just fine before motor vehicle insurance was mandatory. It was only when it became the law that we had to buy it that the premiums went sky high and the lawyers jumped in with both feet (those that had them & didn't crawl on their bellies that is). Shut the government down by starting at the top and let the few that actually work continue to do so. The government will never stop throwing money away as long as it doesn't come out of their own pockets. Perhaps politicians should be paid and or removed, based on what they don't spend.

  2. The bio diesel guys get the water out by filtering through silica gel. At $13/gal for 30 gallons it might be cost effective to buy some silica gel.

  3. Those b......s shut down the Panda cam. I've never looked at the Panda Cam and i don't even really give a rat's bottom about the birth or death of Panda's at the National Zoo but being denied the option of enjoying cuteness takes a little brightness out of the sunshine, if there was any sunshine... In short, the harshed my mellow!

  4. i know someone's who's kid was supposed to do a class trip to DC next week. No panda for you, kid! a good lesson. start cryin' now, kid, life just gets harder.

  5. Life is full of pain and suffering and bitter heartbreak, one must enjoy those fleeting moments of happiness when they happen. Like finding a non-melted snickers bar under the seat of your tractor when you have forgotten your lunch!


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