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Thursday, October 10, 2013

An ear of corn

Here is a picture of one of our ears of corn.
Just to make the corn lovers happy.
It has 16 rows of kernels and 34 full rows of kernels. This was chopped up into 3/4" pieces and packed into a big pile for corn silage.
The maximum number of kernels is set before the silks emerge. Adequate moisture and fertilizer are very important early in the plant's development. We did a split application of Nitrogen and were a little late on the second application because of weather and Wilco saying we could have the special fertilizer spreader tomorrow. This went on for a week. Then we gave up and used the little New Idea twin spinner on a M670 which went slow but we got it done.
Now I am off to listen to weird old music and plant annual ryegrass.
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