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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another "for want of a nail the shoe was lost post."

The Great Plains 1500 no-till drill is a simple idea. Great Plains just built a cart with aggressive coulter that cut a slice for the double v-openers to follow. The drill is a 3 point mount drill with a lot of down pressure which mounts on the back of the cart.
The cart i have now is kind of a hokey set up. The first drill had the Precision Hitch which lifted with a rock shaft. It was a lot heavier and drove a little straighter in the field. It was harder to back up to the truck due to the way it pivoted.
Oh, did I mention? The Secret weapon of the GP drill/cart setup is that it pivots in the middle so the front and back don't slide sideways when you turn. Of course it doesn't pivot enough so if you forget to raise the drill you will drag the whole back end around and mess up the openers.
My drill has sliding telescoping tubes with long hydraulic cylinders. This allows it to lift higher but it gets loose and the wheels tend to get out of alignment.
Yesterday I lost a wheel bearing.
I replaced the wheel bearings on the lift this spring.
One of the bearings was made in China.
It failed...
As bearings made in China tend to do-randomly...
The thing is, the bearing was not really cheaper, it was the only one available. It is pretty frustrating to have to look at the fine print on every bearing box to make sure it does not read, "made in China."
"Made in China," could become a term that means, it might work or it might fail randomly, but the instructions will be really funny and in the end you will be angry...
China will take over the world when all the bearings fail at once. Of course who is to say bearings don't also fail randomly in China? Probably they don't because they just execute everyone in the factory if it does happen...


  1. "Yesterday I lost a wheel bearing."
    Perhaps if you paint the bearings bright red, you won't lose them as easily.

  2. It is now utterly impossible to live without using things made in China. I bet THEY can't say that about OUR products.


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