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Friday, November 1, 2013

A correction

The link to Roosty6 driving the IH to the gravel pit was broken. (See High Speed Internet Oh Boy post) Here it is: CLICK HERE

Someone else shifting a twin stick in an old Mac Truck. CLick Here

Girl Shocked by an electric fence in Australia (note the video appears sideways because Australia is on the other side of the world from this blog so from my perspective everyone walks sideways) CLick Here

Squirrel Catapult Clicke Heree

The Skatalites in a movie Click Here


  1. i feel like i should leave this here:

    who could forget this epic tail.. i mean.... tale?

  2. He was misunderstood. The folks in charge wanted the whale blown up. They told the department to blow up the whale. Everybody else took their vacation time and went deer hunting. The poor sucker was the only guy with no vacation time... So all the blame falls on him. I've talked to people who saw it happen. It was very entertaining!


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