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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Putting the tractor back together after 2 years

I went out to work on the Minneapolis-Moline G1355 yesterday. I went sort of blank. I have no idea how this stuff goes back on. It was two years ago that I took it apart.
Brother and I put the engine back in. Brother put the engine back together. My traditional role has been the engine installation. I installed the starter...
I was going to install the water pump and air cleaner (which shares mounting holes with the thermostat) and put the frame rails and front end on, but I can't remember anything...
I went back to making feed.


  1. I've gotten some surprisingly good tutorials online about repairing stuff. Maybe you can find some info online.

    1. There are no tutorials on putting Minneapolis-Moline G1355 tractors back together. I know that is strange, but it seems to be the case.

  2. There is lots of advice at Yesterdays Tractor site, some of it quite good. I hope I am not in the same boat with my Massey. Its only been about two weeks and I have my doubts about getting it back together. Sure do miss that front end loader.

    1. I do have the service manual and parts book so it is not as difficult as I thought. Good luck with the Massey.

  3. That is a rare tractor, original manuals might be hard to find. A friend sold his 10 years ago or so. You might call Harry at McHenry's at 513-877-2601.

  4. Better late than never????
    Maybe in another two years, you'll remember where the remaining parts go?


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