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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Out with a bang and the real reason for the Butterball Turkey hunger strike

Smokin' in the boy's room?
(Click Here...) Why you shouldn't smoke in the restroom.

Why there is a market for porn... I found this site after being encouraged to spread rumors linking GMO corn to the ButterBall turkey Hunger Strike...
Click here for a link to pretentiousness.  I once had a friend who worked in a ladies underwear store. Once I went in and asked the other sales girl to help me find some nice silky sleepwear for my "Aunt" who was about my size. Much hilarity ensued... But, while we were discussing the subject I brought up the question as to who exactly wears this stuff. The response was, "people who probably shouldn't."
But then the manager appeared and I had to leave.
But, I digress...
I was wondering how to start a chain email rumor that GMO feed is behind the ButterBall Turkey hunger strike but I think someone beat me to it!
Get Involved with stupid causes! CLICK HERE!
Anyway, after reading about ButterBall Turkeys I have decided it is really a hunger strike. They have gained amazing superpowers from all the chemicals they have ingested and also from the radioactive spider that got loose after the nuclear meltdown in Japan and have formed the ButterBall Turkey Political Action Committee, BBTPAC, otherwise know as ButtPac, and are going on a hunger strike to raise awareness that Turkeys are being persecuted on Thanksgiving day because they are not allowed to get married in Wyoming.
"I will not give up my life so that a middle aged, White Male, conservative, christian, homophobe, can sit on the couch and watch old SouthPark videos it a little window on his MacBook Pro while pretending to watch Dr. Who, on Thanksgiving day, which is really Indian Casino and racist mascot oppression day, and I'm so angry I'm going to... oh look it is raining, I think I'll stare up at the sky with my mouth open.."
Said Turkey # 14445356990, official spokes-turkey for BUTTPAC...
ANd now some music to sooth your soul...


  1. Well I would only shop at Grace Brothers Department Store.

  2. I just feel so out of the loop when you talk about things that I've never heard of. Sigh.

    1. The only TV channel that I've ever been able to watch reliably has been Public Broadcasting. So I've watched a lot of "surplus" BBC programs. Thus the references to Dr. Who and "Are You Being Served."
      I'm not sure you should feel bad about being out of this particular loop.

  3. "Are you being served" was some great Britcom from the 70s. A shortage of butterball turkeys for thanksgiving? Maybe there is a market for Canada Geese now to help fill in the gap. Nice free range, anti biotic free birds. Of course they do feed on our GMO crops...

    1. So do folks in Canada refer to "Canada Geese," as "Oregon Geese?"
      We have them eating our vetch already.
      You need to avoid the ones with the radio collar I am told. May get extra guests at Thanksgiving!

    2. I think it's just a pretty collar that makes that variety of goose easy to identify and avoid by the hunters. No need for a radio. They know where they fly already. It would cost too much to install radios on as many collars as I see on the geese around here. You should get a closer look and find out. Goose used to be the holiday dish before the turkey. Who would know.

  4. no turkey shortage here but i have one thats a little skinny so maybe he's in cahoots with some of the ButtPac ones....

  5. The turkeys are organizing! It will be a revolution!


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