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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leggo of my lego

My daughter has about one year or two years left playing legos with me. She is interested in creating and building and likes architecture. She makes plans for lego houses on graph paper. That sort of thing.
I'd like to find her either a really epic lego house or perhaps the architecture set, or one of those technical sets with gears and a remote control. Or perhaps the "mind-storms" system where you can program with a computer.
But... It is all so @#$%^&*( expensive. I've been unable to find any of this stuff used.
Those big buildings or complicated bulldozer sets are like a really huge multi-demensional puzzle and you do learn how gears work.
I have spent hours attempting to build a two speed transmission out of legos or complicated winch systems. I realize the daughter is more interested in houses than mechanics.
They even have a Frank Lloyd Wright house.
Perhaps I will just dig out the Lincoln Logs and paint them white. Perhaps she will not notice.
Or better yet, go back to implanting false memories, "But honey, we got you that for your fifth birthday but you left it out in the rain and it was stolen by trolls. Don't you remember?"
Like the birthday party with the clown and the elephant... ah yes....


  1. For the price of that set you could buy her enough building material to make a doll house if not a full size play house. Later to become a blind for removing geese. Or an out- house for large employee. Lots of design possibilities.

    1. Perhaps I'll just go buy more 3/4" pvc pipe elbows and we will go back to forts made from pvc pipe in the living room.

  2. Download Sketchup Make. It's a free CAD/Design program. Google owned it but sold it to Trimble, the people who probably are are big in agricultural GPS equipment along with commercial construction GPS stuff. It's very easy to use.

    1. Thanks, I'm going to try it out. If only I were smart enough to use it.

  3. Check out Mega Bloks.

    1. The problem with Mega Bloks is the lack of complicated sets with gears and motors. Also, those Lego Architect sets are really amazing. I'm still not sure.

  4. We had a huge box of lego mum got us from a toy sale when I was a kid. Or was that all made up now I think about it. I gotta go talk to mum....

  5. I went to school for architecture, having loved building things since I was a child. I remember my sister and I 'playing' Barbie: I would design the house using anything (washcloths, boxes, Tupperware, etc) and my sister would watch, making suggestions here and there. Then, we would put it all away.

    I personally just got into legos, playing with my husband and 4 yr old son. It is amazing the things one can build with legos!

    My husband also just built a ladder for the 4 yr old's bunk bed, and I painted the scraps to make building blocks for Christmas.

    What if you created a building system with her? It could be a project of designing a building together, then going on a scavenger hunt to find the materials to build it? You could pick up the basic blocks as a gift, then find everything else...A gift that keeps giving!


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