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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A full night's sleep?

So I went to the chiropractor yesterday...
I pretty much killed the whole day yesterday!
My wife's car has a funny vibration and the tires are noisy. So I took it in to see what was up. I has a bad rear strut and this has resulted in a funny scalloped wear pattern on the tires.
Now it is not so bad you can't drive it but you can't wear out a car that you can't afford to replace.
So between the strut repair and two new tires and wheel alignment we are looking at $900.
What do you do?
I could replace the struts I suppose but I would take two weeks and screw something up. If it were my Studebaker cruiser I would just drive it until the wheel fell off or the battery went dead and I didn't get around to starting it for a year and a half-oh wait... that already has happened. Well, the wheel didn't fall off yet...
But it is my wife's car, given to us by her father, and so it falls into a different category.
So I figured I would go to the chiropractor and see if my luck would change.
I had already been to the guitar store to buy some super slinky guitar strings for my daughter's hand-me-down electric guitar that she says she want's to play but doesn't. I had quite the discussion on motivating beginners with the shop owner. And I mentioned that I needed one of those little knobby shiny things that you hook the strap onto. He rummaged in a box and found exactly what I needed.
We discussed the guitar.
It is a Teisco E100 that my brother bought when there was an electronics store in Amity. Next to the J & J drive in. I may have stolen it from him but I can't remember.
Which brings up an interesting story. My other brother saw the former owner of the J&J who was talking about a high school kid who liked to park his car in the way at the drive-in. The owner asked him a couple times to move it and when the kid protested the owner got out his old Ford pickup, which had a large plank for a front bumper, and he pushed the kid's car out of the way! Ah, yes, the good ole days in Amity... No police department!
But, I digress...
I spent $13 bucks on guitar supplies that I could have purchased on Amazon for $5.50 and got a free guitar pick, but I wanted to "shop local."
So I'm setting on the chiropractor couch thingy and jiggling. I'm feeling the tension. $900 buck to work on the car, plus that $13 for guitar strings and a little shiny knob that I know I could have made from flat washers and a drywall screw... and I look at the receipt. The guitar guy charged me $5 for a stupid knob!
I jiggle some more.
The Chiropractor's nice wife asks me if I am cold. Somewhat puzzled, I answer, "no."
I realize I am setting straight up, hugging myself, and jiggling.
Hmmm. "Not cold, just going insane, no problem, I'm fine...."
Pretty funny, so now I'm setting straight up, hugging myself, jiggling, and giggling.
I am so happy I was in a Chiropractor's office instead of a mental health facility!
So... it turns out it has been over a year since I last ran out of money and declared myself cured and I had to go though a whole series of tests and questions.
When does it hurt, where, why, how, and so on.
My back hurts and I get very stiff when I sit or lay down for long periods of time, it feels better when I get up and exercise. The Chiro gets kind of a grin and points out the irony of this when viewed in light of my determined efforts to avoid work at all costs.
Ho, ho, ho! said I, getting into the Christmas spirit a little early this year!
Anyway... He did the adjustments... I went home and worked on the G1355, had a nice dinner, sat in front of the woodstove.
Later I attempted to listen to the trove of Beach Boys albums I recently acquired which were just a bit more scratched than I expected and I realized that most of the Beach Boys material really sucks. Especially when Mike Love decided he was an "artist."
I went to bed.
This morning I woke up late and realized my back was not all that sore and I could actually get out of bed without leveraging my legs to the floor and propping myself up. AND I have mostly been sleeping instead of rolling from side to side and imagining I was being chased.
I'm still not getting to work early... I was almost out the door and got a hankering for steak and eggs and I came back in. The sun is shining and my brother is gone and the "little" helper has texted in that he is doing something important and I have to take the car into town to get the struts repaired. I am not setting in that waiting room for three hours. Perhaps I shall walk somewhere... If only my bicycle would fit in the back seat...
Blah, blah, blah...
Does anyone actually read all the way to the bottom of these posts?


  1. Yes, I made it right to the bottom. Glad to hear the chiropractor helps. I'm tempted myself. I have heard good things about most of them but have yet to actually try one.

  2. After falling asleep onct or twice I make it. Good stuff.

  3. I do. Thanks for the incentive at the end. I have the same back problem. Among other things.I have an inversion machine that does the same thing as the chiroquactor does. I have spent much money at the latter's place of business and found the former does the job just as well if not better and I don't have to fidget in a waiting room. You are welcome to try it.

  4. yep all the way to the bottom. i was wondering if the adjustment worked. oopa! success all around.

  5. yes, all the way to the bottom here too... i should get to a chiropractor myself, but alas, im just too lazy.

  6. So if everyone reads the whole post perhaps I should proofread better or rather, perhaps I should proofread period.
    Also, why is there only one person offended? There were boobies! Of course they were from a different country than what I live in so it makes it like a National Geographic show and it is ok.

  7. Top to bottom. Cup of coffee and a good read is great for procrastinating. Proof reading is for sissies. Write on, fearless editor!

  8. Well I guess I do , and have since our visit 2 years ago . I enjoy your comments and content .
    Is it time for another large cash donation ? :>)

  9. Well I guess I do , and have since our visit 2 years ago . I enjoy your comments and content .
    Is it time for another large cash donation ? :>)

  10. I can't believe it was two years ago! I keep seeing good stuff for sale on tractorhouse in your direction. Perhaps I should visit you!


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