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Monday, October 28, 2013

They can shut down the panda cam but not the rule making?

Oh yeah... while the government was in non-shutdown mode we got more regulation.
Commercial drivers will have to be tested for sleep apnea.
The world is certainly a safer place...
More idiotic rules for truck drivers that may sound good but really do nothing.
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Read the comments.
Comment 1: Truckers are underpaid
Comment 2: They should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, and they are not underpaid.

Reality is there are a lot of different experiences in the business but it the idiotic hours of service laws and other regulations make it hard on many truck drivers. You really have to be over qualified to be a truck driver as you have to pass drug tests an annoying license exam and you already have to pass a physical and drug tests. It doesn't really matter if you know how to back a truck.
If you can pass all the tests and don't mind being away from home you can make a lot of money as a long haul.
More laws and regulations and the idiots who think it is a good idea...

Also, why did this person paint his gun's? One purple and one silver? Also, who in their right mind would try to take a gun through NYC.  New York is famous for prosecuting people who check a legal gun in their luggage at another airport and then when the flight gets diverted or stops in NYC, they prosecute the passenger even though the gun never leaves the airport or the baggage area.
Obviously the fellow was a little nuts. Supposedly there was a round in the chamber. But, then again, who knows?


  1. Yeah, I used to drive a straight-frame delivery truck, but apparently I'm not smart enough now.

  2. Another reason not to visit NYC :>)

  3. Some of that safety regulation/inspection stuff is likely coming to the farming industry too I suspect. Hopefully not before I am out of the picture.

  4. "drivers with sleep disorders that cause fatigue and drowsiness" Bull!~ What causes fatigue and drowsiness is driving for days without sleep. There are already laws that address this. And just about anything else imaginable. Enough already with more laws to feed the lawyers and courts.
    Guns in NYC? Well, they were missing serial numbers too. A guy that dumb probably shouldn't own one. Never the less, I won't be going to NYC, not that I ever wanted to anyway.

  5. Sleep disorders! I've never really driven a truck (legally) but I remeber being a teenager having to drive a tractor all day after I'd been to an all night party and my cousin (who was driving in the same field as me) having to wake me at each end of the field so I'd turn round and go the other way!

  6. Went to NYC once...Never again will I go. The city is definitely not for me...

    And I think rules and regulations in regards to many things has gotten out of hand...

  7. The lack of common sense down there in NYC is frightening. Obviously, you want people checking luggage to tell you they contain firearms as opposed to hiding that fact out of fear of getting sent to prison for 7 years.

    JFK Airport is barely in the city, by the way. For all we know, he had been legally hunting on Long Island.

    Eleven-time NBA champion Bill Russell got arrested just a couple of weeks at the Seattle Airport when TSA found a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag. He had a license for it, but it was confiscated and he'll be fined.

    OK, stupid mistakes. Maybe deserves a fine. Maybe deserves to sit in holding until they sort out that you are not a wanted felon or terrorist. But prison? And couldn't they work out a way to give you your property back?

  8. here's something for you:

    note: not panda cam related


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