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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The London Daily Mail online is a better news source than KPTV Fox 12, our local news station

The top news story this morning is a lady throwing her son off the Yaquina Bay Bridge, in Newport, Oregon.
"She said excuse me and thank you," said a rather damp looking man on the TV. The man was also walking on the bridge and the woman and her son politely walked past him on their way to their doom...
But the good info, "Who, what, where, when, and why..." can be found at the London Daily Mail site. It was the lead story when I opened up my web browser.
It is truly a tragic story.
No health insurance, father is in the hospital with MS, the child was Autistic, the local news did not report any of this information. Certainly gives the story a little more depth.

And now to completely change the subject...

1. I don't get the hype about iPhones. Sure they look really cool and are really thin but who cares? Does anyone use them without a bulky case? AND, why are they not waterproof? Why did I even think about buying a case that was not waterproof? I live in Oregon. I cannot use my iPhone in the rain. I think the iPhone has great potential but it needs a little development...

2. Plumbing- I hate plumbing. I also hate Lowe's. But I was not near a regular hardware store, or the local WILCO store. In the last few years there have been sorts of advancements in new plumbing technology, PEX, special plug in connectors, CPVC, PVC, and it can all be mixed and matched in one bathroom.
Sometimes you just want regular pipe fittings. Good luck with that at Lowe's. A wall of shut off valves and not a single one that is standard pipe thread on both ends.
So I had to buy adapters and plastic tubing...

I used the crappy teflon tape that came with the new faucet fixture. China has figured out how to make a roll of Teflon Tape that is actually worse than usual. It could not seal.
So I took the whole thing back apart, got the industrial Teflon in a tube out of my service truck, cranked it all back together.  Five trips outside in the rain and laying down in the yard with my elbow down the manhole cover to shut off the water.


  1. Standard plumbing job around here. Several trips to the store, wrong tools etc....

    1. After all that work it blew out this afternoon and flooded the bathroom.

  2. i'm waiting for your election day wrap up.

    1. We are going to have to make chronic legal cause they die hard liberals are going to re-elect Dr. Doolittle and his bribe taking wife...

  3. No doubt the Daily Mail will have good coverage of the U.S. election results. Along with Kim Kardashian's latest "selfie".


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