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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Clever Folks from Portland know more than us rural nutjobs who cling to God and Guns and Genetically Modified, Pesticide laden, greenish looking corn seed...

This is Oregon...

Legalized Pot, which I don't really care that much about, but it fits the pattern...

A Governor who people the with funny beards, dork glasses and flannel shirts-but are not loggers from the 1970's, think is a regular guy because his conceit is cowboy boots, denim jeans, a sport jacket, and a crazy girl friend. (who takes bribes though her consulting company.)

A conviction that we need to know if we are eating GMO but nobody really knows what GMO means. But really folks, more regulation is good regulation? Right? This is Oregon!

We need a civil rights amendment to the State constitution that probably will give rise to more lawsuits if you decide you don't want to bake a cake for someone, even though the state constitution already has civil rights protections and doesn't need to be changed. 

But, Mexicans can't get driver cards because, well, the folks in Portland really just don't like Mexicans. (They do like their food)

I didn't really pay attention to National News. So I have no good comments... Other than it is pretty funny that the racists Republicans have been electing black people into office. Undoubtedly they (the black people) are Uncle Toms. I do think it is wonderfully ironic to see people of color who are more fiscally responsible and harder working than the mainstream Republican party stuffed suits, thereby proving that us hicks are not really racist, we just hate dislike are annoyed by people who don't know how to work for their living...

The main bright spot is that Chronic is now legal in Oregon. We are going to need it. I'm thinking of starting a nonGMO instant brownie mix company...Or sell Easy Bake Ovens on Craigslist...Instead of coffee break at tea time, 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., we are just going to knock off at 4:20. Well, can't really be expected to be at work before 9:30 a.m. either, I've been having that Futurama and Dr. Who marathon on Amazon Prime...


  1. 4:20 Ha! Now I need a little more inspiration to write a new blog post but it is snowing outside.

    1. Snow...I just can't quite comprehend...I'm not ready for winter...

  2. It would be interesting to cross tabulate the pot vote with the GMO labeling vote - smoking pot without munchies is probably what got those kids killed in Sanford, Florida and Ferguson, Missouri.


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