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Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm finding yesterdays train of thought somewhat relative today

I overheard some folks talking about concealed carry permits yesterday before I heard the news. My one thought was what a depressing concept to live at a point in time where you feel you need to carry a gun for the protection of your self or others. Rather than just carrying a gun because you like guns.
I had just had a discussion with a Korean war vet who was talking about the tragedy of war and the attitudes of people who had never been to war but yet thought it was a wonderful adventure.
His story was really very interesting. He was with a unit which recovered shot up vehicles and returned them for repair. I would say he saw some action. I wanted to ask questions but also be respectful and so I didn't say much.
But, I digress.
My wife said some kids from China spoke up in her classroom and said that there was no problem like this in their homeland as they didn't have guns.  (Click Here)
But as one old farmer put it, "The world is going to hell in a hand basket."
It appears that in this recent case, a person with severe mental problems got his parents guns and acted out his hate by using his brother's ID and killing his mother and the students she loved.
I have no solutions other than my ideas in yesterday's post.
Here is an article which gives the most useful background info.
mind control


  1. Mental problems and a gamer. Bloody, violent, computer games, added to a culture that seems to be constantly fighting one to several wars at a time and which portrays all the combatants (at least those on "our" side)as heroes. Combine this with a news media that provides the promise of notoriety, and these things are inevitable. The weapons choice is just what happens to be available. He could have just as easily made a few pipe bombs had the guns not been available. Plenty of home made weapons plans on the internet.
    Extremely violent and bloody computer games are somehow acceptable for young kids. As is violence on TV, the movies, and the news.
    The answer is parental guidance and values.
    I blame the parents!

  2. Civilization has come a long way in some ways.
    I think the old saying here was "going to hell in a hand cart". Whatever, I guess its not the journey so much as the destination that matters.


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