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Sunday, December 16, 2012

We are of course, screwed again...

We lit candles in Church today. A very nice and sincere lady read a speech about recent events. It was quite heartwarming.
I wish people would not say, "killed by an assault rifle." That statement takes away from the gravity of the situation. They were killed by a person. A person who pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. A person who made a decision to end another person's life. In this case the lives of children.
If all the focus is one banning or not banning certain types of murder weapons then we don't really think about what has changed in society to the point that someone will kill school children.
When I was in school kids refinished gun stocks in wood shop class.
Went hunting after school.
There is obviously a problem and outlawing various murder weapons may make the act of murder a little harder to accomplish on a grand scale but the urge to murder is still there.
However, it is still a random and crazy event. I'm not sure you can ever effectively eliminate those random crazy events, even if you spend huge amounts of money and enact layer upon layer of regulation that robs everyone of freedom and dignity and self determination.
Which is of course the very action that government will take.


  1. Maybe China will outlaw knives now.

    1. I believe they already prohibit carrying a knife over 10cm, or about 4 inches.

  2. I think if the Media quit hyping these incidences, we would have fewer people trying to make a name for themselves.

  3. I guess it is indicative of just how old I am when I recall that I took a toy 9 mm german luger to school to show a friend and nobody gave it a second thought. True, it only fired caps but was pretty realistic looking. Today, the police would be called and I would be in the news. That seems like a long time ago now.

  4. And yes, I forgot to add that I can't turn the news on anywhere today without hearing the words "gun control".

  5. I waver between the conviction that people should have to have a license and training and proof of insurance to own a gun and the understanding that the gubment can't be trusted and the real point of the second amendment.
    Any compromise will result in complete defeat for the common man...
    I also am coming to believe that it going to get to the point that the only thing standing between the rural homeowner and a home invasion robbery is a Mossberg 500.
    For example, look at the robberies in the former Great Britain.
    Or Mexico. My former helper said he kept an illegal AK for protection and figured he would bribe a cop if he had to use it. He also says he will not go back to Mexico.
    It is a depressing state of affairs and the only thing you can count on our leaders to do is ignore the obvious problem and go after a symptom.


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