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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas tree

We have set up the lego train around the Christmas tree.
There is a harbor for the ships sailing with supplies from my daughter's room to the living room.
There are a couple stations and a siding.
There has been drama.
The train has been chased by secret agents.
The lego cheer leader was doing a cheer routine on the train tracks and was hit by the train.
Explosives were being transported on the train which went well until the forklift operator was unloading the train and then... many were killed....
The ambulance parked on the train tracks.
So did the tow truck driver.
The train missed the stop track and tragedy followed.
The lego girl went skiing.
There was a concert with the lego rock and roller.
Here is a photo of the train.
It is an old train. We can't afford one of those fancy new ones.
We are having fun.
Merry Christmas!


  1. I've got a vintage Marx brothers (not the comedians) wind up train set I should set up one day. Unfortuntely the wind up mechanism seems to have stripped the gears, no doubt from many years of hauling those cars around the track. Another one of those things that I should fix one of these days.

    1. The Marx windup trains are really cool. However, the idea of a toy train always seems to be better than the actual train. Things just never seem to work quite right.

  2. Maybe the LRDO-living room dept. of transportation-could fund a tunnel, and a bullet train going the opposite direction and oh oh,no budget for clocks or signals...

  3. A bullet circus train! It ain't been done! Steam powered robot clowns scratching their forklift drill-shaving coiffures trying to convert kph to mp3h!! Larry Moe and Curly shoveling radioactive coal! Party mix soundtrack by the Ledge, vintage Case combines with bad clutches at rural unmarked crossings. Board game!!! Stuffed toys full of cinders, track ballast and implement parts going like hotcakes on Etsy, eBay and Blue Goat counter display! $1.2 millyun coming down!!

    1. Put it to music! collieguy has a new banjo song!
      Old trains are the best. The steam engines make lots of smoke. Smoke is also Available now in Washington & Colorado & select secluded alleys in Oregon.

  4. I'm thinking Collieguy has a new hit. Talking Christmas tree Lego Express train coal in my stocking winter bues!


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