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Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Jim, That could be a beaker full of death"

We brought dad and his collection of Star Trek DVD's over after church. We are sitting around watching season 2 of the original Star Trek.
I find I am rooting for the villains as usual.
The best one so far is "Mudd's Women." While this may be the introduction of Harcourt Mudd into the Star Trek series have seen Mudd before. It would seem he has supplemented his career as a Star Ship swindler as a Nazi Officer during WWII. Perhaps instead of capturing him and sending him to England, Hogan actually transported him into the future where he escaped. Or did he hitch a ride back in time on the Tardis? Perhaps he is also a Cylon. The possibilities are endless.
It turns out the infamous Venus drug is actually a prototype of the Gummi bear. And that self esteem is more powerful than any drug.
Other very important observations.
The USS Enterprise breaks down a lot...
Kirk suffers from serious bouts of existentialism. To the point where it is chronic.
Much silliness ensues.
My Dad keeps accidentally calling himself at home. This gives him much confusion as he attempts to talk with the answering machine. He keeps saying hello in a really loud voice.
This is almost as amusing as watching Star Trek.
Hogan's Heroe's is funny because of its classic comedic timing, silly gags, universal humor. Star Trek is preachy and annoying. Having a hard time enjoying it as an adult.
Why do they repeatedly land on a new planet and never do any biohazard preparation? Especially after continually getting some strange disease or having a alien virus.
Not only that but the death toll is way higher in two seasons of Star Trek than in six years of Hogan's Hero's HH is a WWII show!


  1. We've been enjoying watching The Naked City, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Route 66 on the free broadcast stations "Retro TV and METV. The Naked City has some surprisingly well written scripts and the shows are full of now famous actors and actresses when they were just starting out and nobody knew who they were.

  2. Mudd gives them the Venus drug, They get clean, Kirk gets his lithium (for starship ADD?)and the miners get the now plain women. Life is good for the universe.

    1. The Starship is powered by Lithium. The really smart aliens that did all sorts of illusions and wanted to keep the Enterprise Captain as breeding stock had these huge heads. From behind the heads look like an arse. So they were really butt-heads.

  3. Good old Star Trek, the best in my opinion. Or maybe its just nostalgia for a mis-spent youth watching too much black and white tv. Wasn't it crystal lith that they needed for the engines of the Enterprise? :-)

    1. Ralph, Try watching an entire season on a Sunday afternoon. However, I did not realize they were in color! I've never seen an old Star Trek on a color TV!

  4. I was always star wars not satr trek. Well until they made the new ones... Dont even talk to me about those!
    Hope you and your family have a good christmas!

  5. I just saw an extended preview of the new Star Trek movie coming out next summer in 3D. It was quite something to look at, and I got my start in B/W too.


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