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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I get more records, whoop! whoop!

I broke one of my rules of collecting. I will buy no new records until I get rid of the four boxes of early 1970's Nashville country which I was given by a friend.
I did donate one box to a local thrift store and I am listening to the Christmas music so perhaps I can make an exception.
What I did was to bid on a couple albums on ebay. I wanted some Jimmy Hendricks as that sort of guitar playing sounds really good (IMHO) on my old Dynaco system. I also bought a Dynaco QD-1 quad adapter which I will discuss at a later point.
Well, I will explain the Quad adapter.
I have two large DCM timeframe speakers in the living room. They are attached to the Dynaco integrated amplifier. My easy chair is located right next to once speaker. My plan is to put rear speakers on the other end of the room so that someone sitting on the couch can hear Hogans Heroes and I can hear something else other than Sergeant Schultz exclaiming, "I know NOTHING!" Hearing that so often is starting to effect my life view...
Thus, I can have four speakers. However, I forgot that I have to string speaker wire so we shall see.
But, I digress...
I bought the Dynaco and the records from the same seller. He was going to combine shipping on the records but I paid him too soon. So, he gave me more records.
I found it somewhat amusing as when my cousin asked me about a couple vinyl records so his daughter could try out the console stereo she has salvaged from my Uncle, I snuck in an Anne Murray as well.
However, this fellow did not do such a dastardly deed.
He sent along an Allman Brothers album, "Eat a Peach," as well as a few more that I would have to drag my bottom out of my chair to look and see what they are.
Last night after all had gone to bed, I retreated to the den and listened to the Allman Brothers.
Very nice.
I overslept this morning.
I have not even listened to the albums I actually bought.


  1. Budde I am a little envious of your skills with speakers, cords and amplifiers. I think I have destroyed the sound system on this computer by playing my old (80s vintage) stereo through the computer speakers. I now have scratchy, distorted sound on the headphones and no sound at all from the speakers. I think in future I better stick to routine maintenance on old tractors. :-(

  2. I've about decided not to sell my old crank record player and my 78's. They may be the only entertainment I have after the world ends! ;-)


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