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Monday, December 31, 2012

Would someone please explain...

I woke up early. I was thinking about all the things I have to do.
I forgot to move dad's walker from the driveway, where he left it, to the porch where he can reach it to go to work. (remember age 93)
I came back home fixed myself ham and eggs and briefly reviewed my end of year finances and started to resort my brother's mail looking for bills I had missed while he has been vacationing in the midwest.
I fixed my self a pot of coffee, I've been reduced to drinking cheap store brand coffee as I am to Lazy to visit MuddyValley for a supply of his hand roasted or shall we say "hand crafted" gourmet coffee beans. I sort of object to his automatic roasting machine. I liked the image of him roasting coffee beans on a BBQ better.
It is almost 9 a.m. and I'm setting in my easy chair and listening to KMHD on the vintage Dynaco AF-6 or AF5 or whatever it is. The station keeps drifting due to either the FM balance of the 40 year old tuner or the fact that I made my own dipole antenna and it is leaning up against the wall behind my chair.
I have nearly given up hope of a 1.2 million dollar donation.
What should I do today?
1. Go back to bed?
2. Go visit my former landlord and take him some Christmas candy and talk about fishing and guns and give him some cash for the 49 Studebaker I have stored in his barn and talk to him about removing my wife's piano from the house we used to live in, and what will happen it I collapse the porch doing so.
3. Give money to JR Simplot for next year's fertilizer because if I pre-buy from Simplot and the price goes down I get more fertilizer and after I wrote my check to Wilco they said if the price goes down I'm screwed. Wish I knew someone on the board, I'd complain.
4. Put all my farm equipment on Craigslist and apply for janitorial/groundskeeping jobs at local colleges.
5. Help my friend clean out his mother's garage
6. Slog through the mud and ice to attempt to remove the stubborn plug out of the water-filled roller that it stranded down in the ryegrass field.
7. Make chicken feed
8. Play with the remote control helicopter my daughter got me for Christmas.  (I know my family loves me as my wife bought me a case of tape measures and my daughter bought me a remote control helicopter for Christmas-the two presents which show they actually understand and love me)
9. Attempt to reduce my taxable income by buying a really old, very high hour, but reasonable well maintained International 1480 combine with a 20 foot header and a grass pickup on borrowed money?
10. Buy a Massey 760 from Orin
11. Call the guy who sold us our White 8900's. Once again apologize for ruining them, and asking him if he as another one he will sell us and swearing repeatedly that we will actually take care of this one and not burn it up or take a vital part off of it and never put it back on and then leave it outside for another ten years...
12. Go poop...
13. Hold it in and go blind..

I am not good a decision making...


  1. It is not automatic. If I walk away while roasting, it will very likely catch on fire and burn my house down. To achieve a proper roast is an art akin to playing the banjo or trombone. I think it says something that while my dog howls and runs in fear from the latter, she doesn't mind the former.

  2. Perhaps you will be in luck and the price of fertilizer will go up, not down. Sometimes it pays to invest in s&%t.

  3. Decisions, I tend to put them off or ignore them until the last minute. But I decided quite some time ago that I prefer good old instant coffee over any of that fancy brewed stuff. I had to start somewhere.

  4. I'm glad it's you and not me. I don't think I could handle the pressure.

    1. Well it is all a lot better now that I made the decision not to go blind.

  5. I've never had much trouble with multiple choice situations where one of the options was ham, eggs and coffee.

  6. I would vote for #4 because our school is short on janitorial help. The only problem is that they have too many guys out on disability leave and won't hire anyone else. Maybe the answer is to start at the top of the list each day and work your way down.

    Have a good year.

    Grace and peace.


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