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Saturday, December 8, 2012

A short post

I have been reflecting over my inability to get essential work done and other yearly issues that there is no point in discussing.
My collection of old records and Dynaco stereo Hi-Fi equipment is pretty much a metaphor for the grand scale of things.
It is out of date and of somewhat inferior sound quality and why in the world would anyone amass a collection of vinyl records?
There is an extra hum in the integrated SCA-80 amp. The Dynaco connected to the record player is not sounding right and in reality my old Kenwood amp is better than any of this stuff.
I tired out my 860 IH with the loader and hay grapple and it is really kind of junk.
If only I could build banjos like Collieguy...
But I can't.
I did get an important donation from a fellow named Ernest. He has the distinction of donating the most amount of money at one time through the PayPal donation button. Apparently he has found this website quite entertaining.
However, I am still a wee bit shy of my 1.2 million dollar mark...
Just the same it has improved my outlook enough that I attempted to make a pun in one of the previous paragraphs.

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  1. I have a collection of vinyl records. Mostly because a lot of the old 30's, 40's and 50's stuff I like I can't find on a cd. Besides, I kind of like a few quiet clicks and pops in the recording. They make it sound friendly somehow.


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