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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I find a Dynaco QD-1 and now have a low budget surround sound home entertainment centre

Today we had a storm. High winds and rain. My wife and daughter went to see her father and I went my nephew's Christmas program.
I spent the afternoon hooking up my vintage surround sound system. Who knew that surround sound dated back to 1964?

I found a Dynaco QD-1 quadadapter for a good price and just got around to hooking it up. I have a bit of a problem with living room stereo system in that the left speaker is right near my easy chair. I thought the Dynaco SCA-80 would give me four speakers and let me balance the volume a little bit. However, the SCA-80 doesn't allow four speakers at once.
The QD-1 gives you surround sound rather than just 4 speakers. The front speakers are louder and have the voice. The rear have less volume and are mostly music. There is a provision for a center speaker but I didn't hook up that speaker.
I watched the movie "Hugo" to test the system. The ticking of the clocks came from the right rear speaker. Kind of strange.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.
This whole current obsession with old music and HiFi seems a bit pointless.
However, this is probably the cheapest surround sound home theatre system you have ever seen!


  1. Impressive system. I doubt it would do much for my 15 year old tv though. I might just buy a new set of headphones for my $5 stereo and thats about as close as I will get to surround sound. :-)

  2. So is it more natural sounding than stereo?


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