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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I have not posted.

I checked my stats and readership is dropping due to my lack of posting. You really need to make a post a day to keep your blog rankings up.
I have been chopping silage and my wife is gone.
She is riding bicycle in the San Juan Islands with a group of kids from her school.
So it is just Lulu and I. I have avoided staring at my computer screen and staying up late as i've been trying to be a good father. Not to mention eating, sleeping, and watching Hogan's Hero's together.


  1. :) Either a post a day, or a handful of posts that hit all the right google buttons. I get numerous hits a day on a post I did about my dog killing a freaking skunk. Crazy that there are enough dog/skunk encounters out there for people to be googling it that often, eh? Lol.

  2. Rae, don't tell anyone I am posting and not working. They think I am off chopping silage. But I had to respond to your comment. I get hits on the most stupid posts. "I go to the Dentist and Discuss Post-Modernism, Why I don't comment on NAT, and Do cows walk down stairs." The cow and the stairs post is good but the others are stupid. I don't even really talk about Post-Modernism. And why does a search for "lazy naked farmgirls," bring up my blog? There are actually posts I care about and I put tags on and think people should read. But do they? No! But the stupid crap! Every stinking day!!!

  3. From this post!! "Our Society is Schizophrenic"
    Don't complain. Maybe it did someone some good.

  4. Yes, been missing your regular postings here . And it is truly amazing some of the searches that lead people to the blogs. One of my highest ranking posts is the "test run" , a brief report on my first day in the field with my JD pull type combine including a poor photo and a pretty limited commentary on flax and combining. If I did a post a day here people would be saying, "oh no, not this guy again with more farming talk."

  5. It's always amazed me that the posts I'm most proud of are frequently ignored, while the blathery ones draw the most comments.


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