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Monday, June 4, 2012

What I did last Monday... Pictures of striptilling and White tractors

I am supposed to be planting Buckwheat for my neighbor this morning. But I am trying to get rid of the duck that has been stalking me and it seemed like an opportune time to make a blog post. I have been a bit remiss lately.
I did suggest we seed Alfalfa with the Buckwheat but he just looked at me strangely and I didn't pursue the joke. Sometimes it is best to just let it go...
Last week we planted corn.This photo is from a couple weeks ago. This corn is already up.
Last week we strip-tilled the corn. The strip-tiller is pictured below. It works the ground in one pass.

But we worked in the pre-plant fertilizer first. This also makes smaller clods.
Some places it worked well...

Other spots in the field were still a little wet!
Close up of offending row... This was not the worst. These clods actually broke down pretty well with the extra coulters on the no-till White 5100 corn planter.
People always like to see photos of White tractors according to the blogger stats page.


  1. Buckwheat.......Alfalfa? I guess you have to be of a certain age to make the connection there. Hey, it is warmer in Sask. than Oregon today. That AC is going to feel good in the Magnum this afternoon.

  2. Nice Pics.
    Hot here, too.
    Say hey to Spanky.

  3. Was that an "our gang" plow?
    And why aren't there any black tractors?


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