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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I baled hay yesterday, today it is raining

Yesterday it didn't rain. We spread out the windrows from the day before. Let it set for a couple hours and then raked it and baled it. I picked up five blocks of 56 bales. We also baled a small field for our neighbor. Not to bad for a late afternoon's work.
I even sold some chicken feed.
I am making pig feed today.
Movin' on they used to say on the Jeffersons.


  1. Is that the view over the hood of the 656 Hydro?

    Pourin' down rain here. Probably should be cutting ryegrass or crimson clover but can't get too excited about it in the rain. I'll just wait til Monday and then be 3-4 days behind!

  2. I cut a little hay here too with my "new" 1977 haybine. Hasn't made it rain yet but usually does.

  3. Things are looking up! Maybe with a little luck the rain will move over to Colorado for a while. They sure could use some.

  4. Being a farmer reminds me of when I was young and frisky and rode a motorcycle. I was very aware of the weather.

    Keep producing, the rest of us are counting on you.

    Grace and peace.


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