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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I participate in the de-evolution of our society

Today we discussed child rearing in Sunday School class. There were some disagreements on the types of punishment but everyone was polite.
The agreement was that teaching a kid self discipline by setting clear boundaries is a good plan. Teaching the kid right from wrong is good, teaching the kid to be a productive member of society is good, teaching the kid from the Bible is good.
This evening whilst my brother took his family to church I spent several hours with my daughter at the river teaching her important things in life. Mostly, building forts out of willow branches, skipping rocks, and how to throw flat stones really high in the air so that when they come down in the river it sounds like a bathtub fart, complete with the little bubble of water coming up. It takes a certain knack to getting it down correctly.
And then we would giggle...
Not going to get a parent of the year award I don't think...


  1. From your daughter you will.

    (I see you've crossed to the dark side and started using word verification!)

    1. But, learning how to throw a rock is not as important as growing up being part of a church community and not a weird loner like myself!
      I turned off word verification as the payday loans people kept spamming me anyway.


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