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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I bought an O.V. Wright Mp3 album on Amazon

My neighbor laughed at me for blogging. He did not even comprehend my humor at his criticism of my pastime. Apparently blogging is no longer cool.
I had to laugh as he spends his days in his garage doing security checks for porn sites doing something on a computer that is quite cutting edge I'm sure, but it's in his garage... Probably makes more money than I but he actually cares what is "hip" in the computer world.
I suppose he is right. Who really wants to know what I did today. It was much like any other day, my brother's employee had a problem, it required my incredible trouble shooting skills. I missed the obvious for a half hour and the fellow who was standing around talking to me fixed the problem when I had my back turned.
I made pig feed. I did that yesterday as well. My customer who threatened to find someone more reliable returned at the last moment yesterday. He thinks I forget about him. I do and I did. He texted me that he would be there in a half hour and I had to turn cow feed for my neighbor into pig feed.
This I accomplished by saying, "sure I have pig feed!"
Then I wandered around and scratched by arse nose.
My wife was sick today and so I took the daughter to school. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was coming up over the hills in the fog. It was a glowing yellow orb in the grey foggy horizon.
My daughter was impressed. She asked me if it was the sun or the moon.
I of course replied, "Beats me, I'm not from around here."
She is such a polite girl.
"I'm laughing inside," she said.
I got her to school.
Then she got sick and I went back after her.
I attempted to peel the paint off the walls by building a huge fire in the woodstove.
I had coffee break.
A friend brought me what he thought was 1000lbs of wheat for feed. It turned out to be 600lbs of wheat and 50lbs of fertilizer. The fertilizer was jammed up in the end of the auger on the fertilizer bin he was using to transport the wheat. It took a while to figure this out. They use Urea in feed I'm sure. I've seen it on the label.
I should have been planting something.
But, of course this was not the point of the post.
I have an audience of 52, some of which actually comment on my posts. Some day, I will write a book... Or not...
But I digress.
My loyal readers come here looking for pictures of corn and Legendary Stardust Cowboy videos. But I am a well-rounded individual. Yesterday I even read a book.
I do realize there are more than two types of music, (country, and western) and I have been known to enjoy the occasional Tower of Power album.
So, I've been looking for, "A nickel and a nail," by O.V. Wright for sometime. I should have purchased it 25 years ago when I was first captivated by the album cover. But, I bought something silly instead. Probably a Clash album or perhaps it was that Barrence Whitfield and the Savages album I got from Rounder Records.
I swear I have the biggest collection of not-quite-the-right-record of anyone I've ever met. The worst of everybody. I guess it is why they were $.99 at ValueVillage.
So I bought "Nickel and a Nail," on Mp3 because I figure that one day I will find the album at a garage sale and it will be in perfect shape and I can hear it the way it should be heard, on a Dual 1019 and Dynaco A-25 speakers with sparkly cloth covers, but until then, I have iTunes.
It took a bit of effort to actually get the album on my Sansa Mp3 player. I lost the cord to connect it to the MacBook. So I popped out the memory card and plugged it into the MacBook but it came up as a Sansa device and the Apple OS wouldn't let me copy the song files to it.
So I copied them onto a USB flash drive and used the old iBook to transfer them between the Flash drive and the memory card, which I plugged into a USB card adapter. Kind of silly.
I've heard a few of the songs before and I know O.V. Wright is a legend but was not really expecting a really good album all the way through. You forget where modern music came from. They sure don't play this stuff on the radio.
From the opening chords of "Don't let my Baby Ride," though "He made woman for man," and the title song, "Nickel and a Nail," I found myself actually listening to the words.
I'm not much for horns and lady backup singers but perhaps it was the added growl of the hammer mill though my ear protectors or the scream of a detroit diesel but I loved the sound.
It sounds even better on the Dynaco. I like the deep bass and the mellow guitar which comes across with a really warm sound on the old stereo. Of course this is an Mp3 streamed through airtunes and sure is not audiophile quality.
I got a kick out of the dated sound of "He Made Woman for Man." Yeah, God could have made another tree but I do thank the Lord that He instead made a Woman for a Man. Yeah every time she thrills me like only a woman can, I thank the Lord, cause the world sure doesn't need another river.
It was not my intent to write an amateur record review that will show my ignorance of the classics so I'll shut up now. Wish I would have bought the album on vinyl back when I could.
Here is my current wish list, if you happen to see any of these at GoodWill please snag it for me. In the mean time I'm going to walk around with a nickel and a nail in my pocket. I can jingle them to make it sound like I have change and if I end up in jail I can bend the nail into a time travel device (as heard on Art Bell) and travel back in time so that I can use the dime in a pay phone and call my baby to go my bail.

The Classics I should have bought years ago which have cool album covers
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
John Mayall - Bare Wires / Blues from Laurel Canyon
1963: James Brown — Live at the Apollo
Lee Moses; Time and Place
William Bell, “Soul of a Bell”
Otis Clay, “Tryng to Live my Life without you.”
Albert Collins- “The Cool Sounds of”
James Cotton, “The James Cotton Blues Band.”
Dobie Gray, “Drift Away”
Guitar Slim, “the Things I That I used to do.”
Eddie Kendricks, “People Hold On”
Freddie King, “Getting Ready,”  “Let’s Hide Away & Dance”
Maceo & All The Kings Men “Doing Their Own thing”
Charley Musselwhite, “Stand Back!”
Roy Orbison, “Mystery Girl”
Little Jr. Parker, “Driving Wheel.”
Jimmy Ruffin, “Sings Top Ten”
Sons of Champlin, “Loosen Up Naturally.”
Melvin Sparks, “Texas Twister.”
Howard Tate “Get it While you Can.”
Them, “Here Comes the Night.”
Tower Of Power, “East Bay Grease”
Ventures, “Rock and Roll Forever”
Jr Walker and the All Stars, “Shotgun”

And some "non-classic" weird stuff I like:
What If" ..... the Dixie Dregs
David Lindley, “El Rayo X”
Nick Lowe, “Nick the Nife”
Rockpile, “Seconds of Pleasure”

Madness, “One Step Beyond.”
The English Beat, “I just Can’t Stop It”
The Selector, “Too Much Pressure”


  1. I just came here for pictures of corn. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. What, no Slim Whitman records in that list? You need that for when the aliens from Mars attacks. :-)

    1. A am well prepared for the alien invasion with several Slim Whitman records. I also have Eddie Arnold and a painful Marty Robbins affliction

  3. Looking for some Deep Purple.
    They probably aren't from around here either.

  4. Hi Bobby! Hows school? I will keep an eye out for Deep Purple, would you settle for Mauve?

  5. Man that's an eclectic wish list! Good luck with the hunt, and remember there's always

    1. Yeah, the most expensive albums and hard to find albums by each artist.
      The question is, do I buy them on vinyl or just break down and buy cd's or mp3s?


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