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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Late Robert Brown and that singer that did the Dolly Parton cover.

I am almost positive that the Kinks song which has the line, "lets all have a drink to the late Robert Brown does not refer to the former senator from Georgia. If only more would follow his example. (of selfless service to the state is what I mean of course...)
But who is the Dead Robert Brown and what did he die of and why should one drink to his memory and why did Ray Davies snub his brother or was it Dave Davies or does it even matter what happened in the previous century now that Whitney and Michael are gone! Gone I tell you!
Whitney did a great Dolly Parton cover... Otherwise, I think I still prefer the Ledge... Now perhaps if she would have covered "My underwear froze to the Clothesline" perhaps that would make the difference.
I am in awe of the amount of drugs she was able to do and the amount of money she was able to waste! Of course us clever folks don't like country western singers especially ones with a southern accent cause they just ain't hip fer us educated folks.
Actually I would rather listen to Linda Ronstadt's cover of the Dolly Parton song.

Oh, and here is Dave Davies from 1967, so you can figure out how he knew a senator from Georgia was going to shoot himself in 2011. Talk about a visionary!


  1. Perhaps they were thinking of the famous botanist who died in 1858. I any case one could raise a glass to his memory. If you try to search for such a person Google puts the Lazy Farmer at number one.

    1. Great, I hope I don't screw up any kid's science report. Anything mention on The Lazy Farmer needs to be a few pages back in the search listings.

  2. Perhaps the Robert Brown who two centuries ago described Brownian motion?

    Headline: 'Kinks' in tiny chains reveal Brownian rotation

    Remember....You heard it here first!

    1. But of course, "Kinks in tiny Chains.." Thanks, what a wealth of information can be gleaned from this site.

  3. And they say there are no coincidences! This is the stuff of conspiracy theories. If I didn't have somewhat of a life, it might be fun to instigate a CT. This is how they start! Coincidences.


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