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Friday, August 2, 2013

What is important news and what is not...

This is good news!

My wife sent me a photo of a package of Hostess Ho-Ho's on the shelf at a store in Waldport, OR. Now if they only came wrapped in aluminum foil again. Those tasted the best. Plus you could make interesting designs with the aluminum foil.
Now that is the best news I've heard in months.

And then there is the stupid news.
US embassies are closing this weekend because of a "possible threat."
So, the clever folks that "keep us safe," are betting that the there is such a tight time schedule for crazy people to blow themselves up in front of great public buildings- that being closed one day will derail the whole shebang?
Perhaps the fellow will loose his nerve?
Or the 70 virgins have sewing classes on Mondays and just can't be bothered with rewards until the end of the week...
Or when potential exploder reads the "closed" sign in the window he will just wander off and go boom somewhere else, cause you know that is like a three week fuse and once it is lit you can't put it out.
Or perhaps the crazies just don't read MSNBC or watch TV or listen to the radio and haven't heard the ENDLESS self-congratulating warnings?
Well I feel pretty secure knowing that every single electronic communication is stored somewhere and can be searched after the event happens.
Never in my life did I think I would be laughing when the Rooskis gave us the finger!


  1. Just think how safe we'd be if they just left the closed sign up and ran off to join the circus!

  2. best.newssource.ever. they are foil now!?!??!?!

    *heads out to get some ho hos*

  3. Ho-Ho's? You can have my share. They named them that for a reason. Pimped by the add dept. Sorry, but all that tastes good ain't necessarily good for ya. Amanita Ocreata, also called the destroying angel, is said to be delicious by those who had it for their last supper. I too love sugar, but prefer it in smaller amounts added to mmmmmmmm dark chocolate.
    Do the 70 virgins come with Ho-Ho's? I don't think I could survive 70 virgins much less 70 with ho-Ho's.

  4. HO hos? Must be unique to the U.S. A. as I don't recall seeing the name here. The foil wrapper might be handy for making helmets too.

  5. What MV said. I notice miss Deep Kettle Corn Caramel dancing in the background and don't even look twice.

  6. I don't like Twinkies, does that make it all better or does it just make me homophobic.


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