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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Justifiable reasons for swearing

This bag is half full of $900 a ton organic soymeal.
Do you see any problem with the bag that would make someone exclaim, "oh fiddle!" followed by !@#$% and $%^&* not to mention )(*&^!
Just asking...
-Note- I'm really an optimist. I didn't say half empty... I also didn't pay $900 for the bag, but that is a whole other story...


  1. Pallet not centered in the frame, ruining another idyllic day in the life shot?

  2. Reminds me of all the fun times I've had when a shaft bearing went out under a four ton load of feed in the auger wagon, or an apron chain broke when I started to unload the manure spreader.
    Aside from coffee and pie. I'm not seeing any solution that won't damage the lazy part of lazy farmer.

  3. I think it was Mark Twain that made some remark that there were times that profanity brought more peace than prayer.

  4. In true lazy farmer fashion, I have my lovely and gracious wife running the disk and I have come in to "Check the Weather" on the computer. She doesn't understand when I accidently call her "Mirandy"
    Also in true lazy farmer fashion I did not want to drive all the way around the big forklift which was positioned to load feed in the mixer. So I used the small forklift and raised the pallet with the bag of soy over the top of the big forklift so I could squeeze between the big forklift, several bags of oats, and a dead 1964 Ford FWD pickup (that i intend to start any day now but havent started in a decade.)
    I hit a bump and the mast swayed.
    At least it didn't drop on the Ford...
    Now how the #$%^&*( do I pick it up...
    I think I will call up MuddyValley and see if he has any booze left...

  5. Now that's a little worse than spilling a can of red paint. hopefully easier to clean up though.

  6. Mirandy's Electrolux and about a half gazillion vac bags. This will make more sense after the Kickapoo Joy Juice.

  7. It strikes me the challenge will be rolling that back onto the pallet without puncturing or bursting the seams of the bag.

    Nothing that can't be fixed by a daughter, a scoop shovel, and a long afternoon.

    1. An ideal solution, and the pigs which I assume are the ultimate consumers won't mind a little dirt.

  8. ummmm Strap three pallets around it & roll it over? While there is a little single malt left, we have finished gluing the farm house together with 10 cases of caulk (120 tubes) and it is masked & ready to paint, and it looks like rain. I may need that scotch. But I'll save you some anyway.


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