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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rain, I listen to the radio, I complain

I was stacking wheat straw in the rain yesterday and listening to the radio.
The rain is not so good at this point.
I could be finished with straw this week, but for the rain.
I also am at the end of the line for getting it hauled to the barn as my previously engaged hauler "is too busy."
Something which I will remember when it comes time for good deals on hay.
I learned from the radio that...
1. all sorts of interesting facts can be revealed by recording what people say and playing it backwards. Mostly, this is interpreted after the fact, so it is much easier to go back and assign meaning to the somewhat garbled recordings.
2. The West is going to bomb Syria and spend a lot more money. This will benefit someone but not you or I.  The powers that be are accusing the Syrian gubment of a poison gas attack. Which I doubt the Syrian gubment would be stupid enough to actually do. Why would they? Why would they invite airstrikes and a "no-fly zone."
The only people who would benefit are the terrorists and Western Gubments who very badly want more war.
I suppose next the US will trot out an uncle tom with a slide show of RV's converted into mobile weapons labs. Oh, wait... that is soooo last war... Fool me once, fool me another 20 times.
3. FM Radio is a wasteland for music. FM Radio is a wasteland period. My daughter has some decent music on her iPhone. She heard about it from a friend and bought an album from Amazon. I've got to download some books on Mp3.
I think I will go outside and be depressed. This is much different from being inside and depressed.
All I needed was two hours more and my straw would have been in a stack... That hour I spent waiting for the pig feed guy and that other hour I spent complaining about farming to someone even more depressed than I. But, if I wouldn't have talked to him I wouldn't have got more straw storage and I would have wasted a half hour driving back from the straw field to meet the pig guy so there you have it...
Have a nice day...


  1. Depression is why I gave up thinking. Now I'm happy, happy, HAPPY!

    KMHD Some very good shows, some so so.

  3. I can listen to CBC am radio all day long and be entertained. Even with the re-runs necessitated by government cutbacks. Spent 12 hours in the swather today with no radio at all. I won't complain as long as the AC works.


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